Home Beauty How To Achieve The ‘No-Makeup’ Beauty Trend: 5 Simple Steps To Follow

How To Achieve The ‘No-Makeup’ Beauty Trend: 5 Simple Steps To Follow

How To Achieve The 'No-Makeup' Beauty Trend: 5 Simple Steps To Follow
How To Achieve The 'No-Makeup' Beauty Trend: 5 Simple Steps To Follow

Here’s an easy guide to achieve the no-makeup look effortlessly

Ever since the much-awaited wedding of Bollywood sweethearts Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt went trending across the Internet, Alia’s ‘no-makeup’ makeup look has been in the talks too. Beauty bloggers and influencers have been giving us easy DIY tips to achieve the bare minimum makeup look. This minimal or no-makeup look is undoubtedly Alia Bhatt’s signature style, and she left all awestruck when she ditched heavy bridal makeup for an effortless look that only enhanced her natural skin glow. The no-makeup trend is about healthy-looking skin than applying layers of cosmetic products on the skin. Here’s an easy way to achieve the natural looking glow without applying too many products on your face.

5 Easy Steps To Get The ‘No Makeup’ Look

1. Keep The Skin Moisturised

It’s all about following a skincare routine which gives you healthy, supple-looking skin. The secret behind keeping the skin moisturised is opting for a dedicated cleansing-toning-moisturising process and introducing essential oils in your skincare. People with acne-prone and oily skin need to be careful in choosing the skincare that works for you.

2. Makeup Base Or Concealer

Select a makeup base that matches your skin colour and instead of applying throughout the face, apply it to only certain places such as the high points, cheekbones, corners of the mouth or the inner corners of the eyes. You can also use concealers to hide any spots or blemishes. But do not overdo it. Keep it as subtle as possible.

3. Use Ample Sunscreen

There is no way you can skip the sunblock creams. As per your skin type, select the most suitable product for your face. You can even try the tinted sunscreen creams which evenly covers your skin tone. Sunscreens are always applied as the topmost layer of your makeup.

4. Eye Makeup

Opt for a soft eye makeup. Instead of going for the intense eyes or winged eyeliners, opt for a slight tinge of kohl or curl up lashes with some mascara. Also focus on accentuating the eyebrows by combing them a bit.

5. Use Cheek Tint

Avoid using lipsticks and lip glosses. Instead opt for subtle lip and cheek tints to add a little colour to your lips and cheekbones. Instead of wearing a dramatic blush, cheek tints will give you a natural blush look. You can also use the tints on your eyelids to give it the natural colour too.

6. Consider dermal fillers

Dermal fillers often use hyaluronic acid (HA), which is produced by your body naturally. A doctor injects a gel substance beneath your skin to give your face volume, shape and structure. This can help to alleviate the look of a sagging, tired or even ‘angry’ face. With dermal fillers you may get the ‘natural and refreshed’ look without having to use a lot of makeup. For example, they can lift the area under the eyes, to help reduce under eye circles.



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