Patek Philippe Nautilus 

One of the two watch brands that popularised the “luxury sports watch” idea is Patek Philippe Nautilus. The patek philippe nautilus was a steel wristwatch with an incorporated band that is frequently more valuable than a precious metal watch of similar weight. 

Although the Nautilus product collection contains watches made of precious metals, the steel time-and-date model, which is presently represented by reference 5711, has become familiar and symbolic of this class of watches.

A Brief History

Swiss watchmakers had to compete in the quartz crisis with full force during the 1970s. When Gerald Genta created the Royal Oak Jumbo in 1972, he established the premium steel sports watch category. 

A few years later, Genta built the Nautilus 3700/1, released in 1976, to recreate the success. The original Nautilus had a complete steel band and was made of a nickel-chrome-molybdenum steel alloy that could endure high pressure and temperatures. 

The Nautilus series, which will mark its 45th anniversary in 2021, has advanced significantly since its introduction. The collection includes precious metals, diamonds, a women’s model, and other complex designs.

Why Is Patek Nautilus So Expensive?

The watch’s worth is not only increased by the Nautilus’ long history. Factors include exclusivity, craft, and status. Let’s discuss in detail:

Brand Prestige

Since 1839, the Swiss watchmaker has been producing watches for consecutive 180 years. Patek Philippe is the first family-owned producer among a few independent brands.

Since 1932, the Stern family has controlled the company and is dedicated to improving and innovating the caliber of the timepieces.


The company has developed its upright integrated manufacturing throughout its long existence. All internal processes include research, development, manufacture, assembly, and hand finishing. 

That is included in all of their models, from the most basic to the Grand Complication models. Patek Philippe has a reputation for being innovative. They own more than 100 patents and have created the first yearly calendar in addition to other significant watchmaking advancements.

Exclusivity of The Watches

Although the company has never acknowledged this, Patek Philippe is said to make under 70,000 watches a year, with 140 distinct models spread among their collections. According to Mr. Stern’s estimation, they could only meet 10% of the demand for the Nautilus 5711 in 2019.

Each watch undergoes a series of rigorous tests before being given the Patek Philippe quality label. Each work is labor-intensive from beginning to end.

Pricing Of Patek Philippe Nautilus

According to the current price on the Patek Philippe website, a ladies’ automatic steel edition of the Patek Philippe Nautilus begins at roughly $29,000. 

The cost of the Nautilus perpetual calendar is little about $135,000. The company increased the cost of all steel models by 20% in 2018 to reduce demand.


If you are looking for an ultra-luxury yet classic watch, Patek Philippe Nautilus is the best option. You will stop the show with its complete image, and start to pay attention to detail and top-notch build quality.


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