Although this can be a comparatively new breed of dog, its ancestors are around for quite a while. The Labrador retriever originated in Newfoundland within the 1800s once it absolutely was utilized by fishermen to haul nets, ropes and fish. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is additionally called the Catahoula Hog Dog as a result of it absolutely was once accustomed hunt wild boars. Rumor has it that this special dog originated within the sixteenth century once Native Americans bred their own dogs from Greyhounds and Molossers brought back by a Spanish adventurer.

 Life expectancy: ten – fourteen years

 Weight: twenty two – forty kilogram

Height at the withers: fifty five – sixty five cm

Character of the Labahoula

 The Labahoula is understood for being mild, elfish and smart with kids. it’s associate degree good-tempered dog that craves human fellowship. Despite his friendly nature, the Labahoula is cautious around strangers, this combined with a awfully protecting nature makes him a decent potential watchdog. whereas he typically gets on well with different pets, his natural nature is to chase smaller animals and might become aggressive towards different dogs. Early socialization is critical to curb this behavior the maximum amount as potential. Once this dog has been socialised and obeyed, the Labahoula can build a good family dog. For people who value more highly to train him alone, keep it reward-based and supply many praise and treats to realize the specified results. it’s necessary to concentrate on positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques throughout coaching for best results.


 The Labahoula could be a healthy breed with no better-known issues, however if you’re considering a crossbreed you must invariably analysis for potential irritating conditions. during this case, each the Labrador retriever and also the Catahoula Leopard Dog will suffer from hip and elbow abnormality with some Catahoulas having a genetic condition that causes a ill-shapen spheroid joint. Catahoula Leopard Dogs with thick coats that square measure dotted with white markings have associate degree redoubled tendency to be deaf. it’s necessary to possess regular scheduled vet checkups to make sure potential health problems square measure known and treated as early as potential.


 Despite its thick, coarse coat, the Labahoula could be a low-maintenance dog that sheds minimally. skilled grooming isn’t needed to stay his coat wanting its best. a radical brushing of  of this dog twice a week should be sufficient. As with most dogs, bathing can be done as needed, his ears should be inspected and cleaned weekly to prevent earwax and possible infection.


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