“ Sometimes I just take on too much, ” I admitted over my morning coffee while reading The Hollywood Reporter’s article about streaming giant Netflix and the producers of the global phenomenon Tiger King. clips from 1995. Jim Carrey’s sequel to Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls in his recent documentary series. As I gazed and gazed intently at carnival thief and big cat exploiter Joe Exotic, I assumed that as a Netflix product, everything was out of the ordinary, with the proper permissions, big and small, insured for TV coverage. Obviously I was rather naive as Morgan Creek Productions, the studio behind the two Ace Venture films, insists that all images from their subsequent work in 1995 be released without their permission. So what exactly is going on here?

 According to Morgan Crick, the documentary series The King of the Tigers “without permission or license” used two short clips from the sequel Ace Ventura, each featuring Jim Carrey interacting with a monkey and an elephant. Despite the fact that the total playback time is short (two clips in total record only five seconds), it looks like a rather large oversight for such a high-quality, even gonzo production.

“Leaving no room for doubt as to the source, the dubbed voice identifies the film as Ace Ventura in the exact volume when the offending clips appear on screen,” the lawsuit says. “Plaintiff is informed and believes and then claims that Ace Ventura is the only film used in Tiger King to feature more than one clip.”

Morgan Creek went on to claim that the episode in question, with these two clips from his film, was viewed “by an audience of literally millions of viewers, many more than once, multiplying the damage done to MCP,” as far as they knew. or had a motive. find out that infringing clips have been used without permission, content or license. “

So Netflix: the ball is on your side. While far from being a lawyer (though I once convincingly told a group of strangers that Coppola’s Godfather III was a misunderstood classic), it seems like a flop for Morgan Creek. We’ll have to wait to see if I’m wrong on this, but it’s worth noting that Morgan Creek claims to have tried unsuccessfully to bring a quiet solution to the entire matter prior to filing a claim. Ah, Hollywood …

Keep these onlookers open to the Vents for the unfolding legal hassle in Hollywood, True Believers!


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