With the advances in technology these days, it’s really important for a person or family to have a record of where a car has been or traveled. How far have you traveled and where have you stayed the longest? This helps the user to determine where his car has been, how far it has traveled. In case a person has lost a valuable item somewhere, you can trace its location back to where it was by following the same route recorded in the locks of the GPS tracker. That’s why Tracking Fox has created something that can help many people keep track of their car. This tracker will help in so many unimaginable things that it will become one of the best car accessories. Let’s see what the Tracking Fox device is.

What is fox tracking?
As the name suggests, Tracking Fox is an OBDII GPS tracking device that tracks the location of a vehicle. It includes many great features that are very useful for the user. A good GPS tracker is one that not only tracks the vehicle, but also provides its real-time location and sends quick alerts when the vehicle starts moving after it has been parked somewhere for a while, or when the vehicle has been moved. often parked places like home, office, etc. This is what the Tracking Fox GPS tracker does, it has many features; which are important and useful to the user for driving his car or cars of his relatives; parents, children or spouse to ensure their safety and care. It can also recognize the driving style of the driver or the person who installed the Tracking Fox GPS tracker. It’s more than just a tracker, thanks to the feature it includes. It also helps reduce vehicle fuel costs and save more fuel. This is because it is able to recognize the driver’s driving style, and since it is an OBD11 GPS tracker, it connects to the car’s electrical circuit; which actually controls the performance of the car.
This is a multifunctional device that can be used not only for personal, but also for business purposes. Tracking Fox OBII Tracker is compatible and synced with the Tracking Fox app, available from the Apple Store and Play Store. The app is compatible with Windows and Android. Although this device is only compatible with cars manufactured after 1996, this is largely due to system changes or the use of an electronic control unit in cars. It comes with a SIM card to help find the cellular network to track.

What makes Tracking Fox GPS Tracker unique?
Many commercially available trackers have a single purpose and practically only one option or function to use: real-time vehicle tracking. However, its size is relatively small. It’s not discreet enough to blend in with car accessories, unlike the Tracking Fox OBDII GPS Tracker, which plugs into an OBDII port and seamlessly transitions into other accessories, making it a safe option to use as a tracker. This tracker has an easy installation. You only need to connect to the OBDII port and it’s ready to use. Other trackers must be attached to a compatible surface with magnets to ensure contact or the tracker can fall, and in many cases it does, but the Tracking Fox mounts inside the car so it is fixed and cannot fall. This tracker sends alerts in case of unauthorized vehicle use or break-ins. On the other hand, other trackers don’t seem to be able to do this. Fox Tracker helps you reduce your vehicle fuel costs. This is a very distinctive feature of the Tracking Fox GPS Tracker that makes it stand out from other GPS devices. It’s like a fusion of an OBDII tuner and a GPS tracker with advanced features.

How does the Tracking Fox GPS locator work?
Tracking Fox GPS Tracker works very simply. Since it has a multi-purpose use, we will talk about its first function and how it works, i.e. tracking.
• Tracking – To track, Tracker Fox uses multiple sources to detect or track motion. The tracker tracking app syncs with the cloud server on the trackers. The cloud server receives data from the cell tower (which is compatible with the SIM card supplied with the tracker) when the vehicle is within range of the cell tower. On the other hand, the tracker sends out its own signal, which interferes with GPS satellites and cell towers, and the activity is tracked in the app.
• Fuel Saving – The tracker also has a fuel saving option because the tracker also has a microcontroller CPU that remembers driving patterns and then instructs or tells the car’s ECU to consume fuel accordingly, thus changing usage. fuel in accordance with the user’s driving style and saves fuel bills in the car.
Benefits of Fox Tracking
• Assistance in tracing to two sources; Cellular and GPS signals so you have multiple sources in case one is down and another is available.
• Helps send alerts if the car is stolen
• It is useful for car rental companies to keep track of car usage and where it has been.
• Able to reduce costs as it reduces fuel consumption.
• Helps you track the last 90 days of vehicle location, route and navigation map.
• Sends alerts when the vehicle is overspeeding, accelerating or braking hard.
• Sends anti-theft alerts in case of suspicious vehicle entry.
• You can transfer from one car to another
• Simple plug-and-play function.
• Compactness of the device.
• Dual functions or tracking and fuel economy.
Now there is the price of the device itself and there is a monthly subscription and other price packages and offers.
• Price for 1 Fox OBDII Tracker is $58.14 after 50% discount.
• Monthly tracking plan subscription: $7.58 per month.
• 6-month tracking plan subscription: $6.40, which saves the user 15% less than a monthly subscription.
• 12-month tracking plan subscription: $5.23, which saves the user 30% less than a monthly subscription.
The purchase can only be made through the official website and the only payment methods are PayPal and Visa Master Card.
return policy
Your purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the tracker does not suit the user with something or does not work as it should. There is customer support and the money will be returned to the user 100%.
final thoughts
The Tracking Fox Tracker looks like a versatile device with many unique and interesting features that few trackers offer. Not only does this save bills, but it also helps you track your vehicle and send alerts about theft, speeding, or hard acceleration that could be dangerous. It uses the GPS cellular and satellite network to assist in tracking, making it a very reliable network for up-to-date and accurate tracking. This can be a very useful purchase for anyone looking for a tracker, or even for general use, to keep track of routes and locations over time.


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