24 – inch kidsbikes for boys and girls are those with 24-inch wheels and are usually suitable for ages 8 to 13, depending on the weight and height of the child. MTB models are quite similar to adult bikes, since many have a rear gear change (and some front gears), a front fork with suspension, frames with specific geometries for practicing MTB and wide wheels. Although there are 24″ ride models, MTBs are usually the most demanded due to their versatility, since they allow you to go both on asphalt and in the mountains, parks and paths.

In this article we are going to see a set of 24″ MTB bicycles for boys and others geared more towards girls . We will also see some models of touring bicycles and some spectacular electric MTBs . You will surely find a model that suits the needs of the child o girl and your pocket, which is also important.

Our selection of 24-inch bikes

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time researching the many models of 24-inch children’s bikes on the market, here is our selection that includes three models from reputable brands and at different prices. They are safe bets that offer sufficient features so that boys and girls can practice MTB safely. They have good finishes and use top brand components . They have different prices and surely one fits you, and if not, below you have many more models to choose from.

24 inch boys MTB bikes

In this section we present a selection of the best 24-inch children’s bicycles . They are models aimed at practicing MTB, so they are usually equipped with gear changes, suspension, studded tires , etc. Likewise, there are pure MTB models and other more specific ones aimed at other modalities.

In any case, they are reputable brands that offer top brand components and good finishes . It is a matter of deciding what type of use the child is going to give it and if it is going to demand a lot from the mechanics. So we can choose more basic models or models with more features, such as better suspensions, changes or disc brakes. In this selection you have models of different prices, so you will surely find one that suits what you need.

Coluer Ascent 24: Spanish quality at the best price

Coluer is a Spanish brand created in 1991 by the cyclist Luis Mayoral. It offers models of all types and prices. Within the range for children we have the Ascent 24 series that offers three versions, the 241, 242 and 243.

These models offer components at different levels and prices to meet the needs of different junior riders. And all that at a great price.

Technical specifications

All Coluer Ascent 24 models offer a 6061 aluminum frame with junior geometry and a Race 386 suspension fork with 50mm of travel . They are equipped with aluminum rims and wide 2.10″ Mitas Ocelot tires . They also come equipped with a kickstand and reflectors to improve comfort.

The differences between the 241, 242 and 243 variants are in the gear shifting and the brakes. All models are fitted with a Shimano Tourney TY 7-speed derailleur . The difference is that in the 241 and 242 variants it is activated with Revoshift, while the 243 model equips a Shimano Altus cam control .

As for the brakes, the 241 variant has aluminum V-Brake brakes , the 242 has 160mm mechanical disc brakes and the 243 has Tektro 160mm hydraulic disc brakes . The latter are a delight for children’s hands and offer more smoothness and stopping power. But it is also true that if you are not going to use the bike intensively in MTB conditions, you will not get much use out of it. All the brakes brake enough in normal conditions of use, so it depends on the style and how “strong” the child is, we will have some needs or others.


Coluer is committed to offering a well-finished 24-inch bike withreliable components in different variants to meet the needs of different junior riders. With the 241 we have the basic option that can be enough for many children who are not going to push the bike to the limit. With the 242 we take a step forward with better brakes, and with the 243 we have a better gearbox and spectacular brakes.

Coluer offers the Ascent model for just over €300 , so this is one of the cheapest . If we opt for the best finish, the 243, we can find it for a price close to €400, something very competitive within the sector. For us it is a very important model to take into account.

Monty KX7D: great value for money

Monty is characterized by offering mountain bikes for children with very good value for money . In this case, their KX7 and KX7D models are the MTB models for children between 8 and 12 years old. With these bikes, children can enjoy mountain biking with their parents and friends.

The success of this model lies in its high-quality components, its attractive price and various designs for both boys and girls. In addition, it incorporates a practical stand, which always comes in handy so that the bike is not thrown on the ground and is better preserved over time.

Technical specifications

This24-inch 6061 aluminum bike stands out for several components. First, a Shimano Tourney 7-speed derailleur that is actuated by Shimano Altus M315 paddles , rather than the typical Revo Shift.

Another of its strengths are the brakes. The KX7D model comes equipped with 160mm Tektro HD-M276 hydraulic disc brakes . A smooth -running, high-bite delight used on adult bikes. With these brakes, children will be able to stop the bike in less space than conventional V-brakes.


This is one of the most popular MTBs for children due to its price and quality of components . If you fall in love with one of them and buy it online, you will surely have to assemble some parts, since it comes packed in a box. It is 5 minutes of assembly that does not require special tools or mechanical knowledge. Here is a video of Monty where they teach how to ride their bikes in less than 5 minutes.

Conor WRC Pro 24-inch bike

The Spanish brand Conor is a classic in MTB cycling for its mountainbikes with good performance and reasonable prices . In the sector of MTB bicycles for children it has a privileged position thanks to its numerous models for all ages.

In this case we are facing the top of the range in 24 inches. Very good fork, change and brakes. A bike like dad’s to go conquer the mountain. Apart from the WRC Pro model, there are also other models with a more affordable price and lower quality components, such as the WRC Team, the 340 and the 440.

Technical specifications

This 6061 aluminum 24-inch Conor bike is one of the best on the market. Equipped with a Suntour XCT fork with 50 mm of travel that will offer the child good performance in the mountains. It also sports a Shimano TX800 8-speed derailleur that is actuated by Shimano Altus M315 paddles , rather than the typical Revo Shift.

Another of its strengths are the brakes. The Conor WRC Pro comes equipped with Shimano MT-200 160mm hydraulic disc brakes . Smoothrunning and plenty of stopping power used on adult bikes as well. With these brakes children will be able to stop the bike in the toughest circumstances.


This is one of the best 24″ children’s bicycles . The perfect model if our son is passionate about MTB. If you think he is going to take advantage of the higher-end components that this bike equips, don’t hesitate to go to If you don’t have such a high level, there are other lower-priced Conor models that can be adjusted to your needs.In the following video, Ciclos Alzamora shows us Conor’s catalog of MTB bicycles for children, where you can see up close the different models in 24″ wheels.


Cannondale is a prestigious brand with 50 years of experience in the world of cycling. Their products are of the highest quality and use components from reputable brands such as Shimano or Tektro.

Within the range of 24-inch MTB bikes for children, we have models with suspension such as the Trail and models without suspension but with wide fatbike-type wheels, such as the Cujo.

Technical specifications

The 24-inch Cannondale Kids Cujo bike features an 8-speed Shimano Tourney Revo Twist derailleur , which is typical of kids’ bikes. It is a gear change integrated in the right handlebar grip that is activated by turning forwards or backwards. This movement allows children to easily raise and lower sprockets.

The brakes are one of the highlights of this bike. It has 160mm Tektro disc brakes front and rear . It’s the same size used on adult bikes, so stopping power is guaranteed . They are mechanical brakes, which means that they have a steel cable that pulls the brake cylinder to clamp the disc. Its maintenance is simpler and cheaper than hydraulic discs, which have a circuit with brake fluid.

The Cujo model is a fatbike type , with arigid fork and extra wide tires . It is especially suitable for riding in the mountains on bumpy terrain, stones and mud. If we want to give it a more versatile use, we can opt for the Trail model that incorporates a Suntour XCT fork with 63 mm travel and normal MTB tires.

The 2.6″ wide Kenda Slant tires help getover obstacles with greater ease and stability . Those tires also offer some cushioning. Not having a suspension fork reduces the overall weight by about 1kg.

Models and variants

As we have already mentioned, within the Cannondale range of 24-inch MTB bikes, we have three different models: the fatbike-type Cujo, the MTB-type Trail and the hiker-type Quick. In this short video we can see the three models on display. For lovers of the brand, they will surely like these bikes for their children.

Bikestar JumpX 24″ Aluminum

Bikestar is a German brand based in Munich that is marketed by Amazon in its online store. It offers MTB bikes with single and double shock absorbers at an unbeatable price . If you don’t mind that it’s not a traditional MTB bike brand like Conor or Cannondale, this model may fit the bill.

It is available in several colors, including a special turquoise and fuchsia one for girls. For just over €300 you can have a children’s mountain bike that allows them to enjoy the countryside and go on excursions with the family.

Technical specifications

The Bikestar JumpX has a 15″ aluminum frame with geometry suitable for boys and girls from approximately 8 years old. It includes a suspension front fork , which will help minimize the impact of stones and steps in the direction.

Its most prominent component is the gear change. It has a Shimano Tourney 21 speed derailleur . That means it has 3 chainrings and 7 sprockets , both powered by a Revo Shift mechanism built into both grips. Most 24-inch bikes usually only have a 7 or 8-speed rear derailleur. In this case, the child will also have 3 plates with which to select the best combination at all times. Having a small chainring is ideal for tackling steep or bumpy climbs. In addition, the rear derailleur is protected by an iron support to prevent damage when hitting a stone or branch.

Double suspension model

Bikestar also offers the City Cross model with rear shock absorber for those who love to do the goat. It is a suitable model for children who like to jump down obstacles and jump. If so, the rear cushioning will help you maintain control and reduce shock to the body. If you are not going to give it such an aggressive use, it is not worth it since it is a slightly more expensive model and adds some weight to the set.


If you are looking for a cheap 24-inch MTB bike for your son or daughter, without having to have the best components on the market or be from a prestigious brand, this can be a great option. The double-cushioned variant is very spectacular and you will surely love it. It is one of the few models that you can find with double cushioning. Buyer reviews are good, and you always have Amazon’s money-back guarantee. One option to consider.

24-inch bike Orbea MX 24 XC, Team, Park and Dirt

The Spanish brand Orbea is one of the most popular in children’s bicycles. It has different models in 16, 20, 24 and 27.5 inches that adapt to the ages and needs of each junior cyclist.

The 24-inch MX model has different variants geared towards different mountain disciplines. The XC variant is the most typical for MTB XC, but there are other variants that can also be interesting.

Technical specifications

The Orbea MX 24 XC has a 2021 aluminum frame and many other elements also made of aluminium, such as the handlebars, brakes, wheels and seatpost. It features an adjustable Suntour XCT-JR fork with 50mm of travel. An important element to practice XC with great performance. Few 24-inch mountain bikes have a better fork. Other variants such as the Team, Dirt or Park do not have suspension. They are aimed at a more hiking and dirt use.

As for the gear change, it has a magnificent 7-speed Shimano Altus M310 . The remarkable thing is that it is actuated with Shimano SL-M315 cams , instead of the typical Revo Shift. Other models like the Team further improve the rear derailleur as they are equipped with a 9-speed Altus Shadow. A real joy for children, since gears of this level are not usually equipped on 24″ bikes.As for the brakes, Orbea has opted for aluminum V-brakes instead of discs. They must be sufficient to fulfill their function, and they are also made of aluminum and the lever is adjustable in length , so that the child can reach it well with his fingers.

Finally, highlight the good finishes and details such as the short front fender that gives it a very sporty touch or the generous 2.2″ Kenda Booster tires . The bike is available in various finishes and designs, including one in purple and mint, great for girls.


With the Orbea MX 24 range you have a choice in terms of features, styles, designs and prices. A great Spanish brand that does things right and has years of experience in children’s bikes. In case you are a little undecided, here is a video of a French guy who shows us how he rides his Orbea MX 24 Trail. We hope you like it.

Scamp Highfox 24: a very light MTB

SCAMP is a brand that designs bikes to meet the needs of young riders. The 24″ Scamp Highfox is designed to accompany the development of the most demanding young cyclists.

Its lightweight and strong aluminum frame remains maneuverable so kids can easily master it. This versatile bike has been designed with ease of use in mind: it is very light , capable of riding on different surfaces and is equipped with an 8-speed transmission and a wide range of gears to accompany your child everywhere.

Technical specifications

The Scamp Highfox 24 has an aluminum frame and a steel fork without suspension. This allows to lower the whole bike to about 9.5 kg. This makes it easier to handle, especially for children with less strength.

As for the gear change, it has a magnificent 8-speed Shimano Acera SGS RD-M360 . The remarkable thing is that it is actuated with Shimano paddles , instead of the typical Revo Shift. It also has ZStar brand mechanical disc brakes.


very light 24″ bike , perhaps the lightest. It has a good gear change and more than enough finishes for children to enjoy in the mountains, the forest or the city. Do not hesitate to look at its price that you can find reduced over € 350. It is a good option.

Haibike SEET Hardfour 1.0

Haibike is a German brand that has been creating quality bicycles since 1995, especially electric bicycles. The SEET HardFour 1.0 is perfectly suited to the needs of the youngest and most ambitious riders.

This price-adjusted model offers a gear change and suspension with which the child will be able to control the bike with comfort on any route, even steep climbs and descents.

Technical specifications

The Haibike SEET Hardfour 1.0 has a strong 6061 aluminum frame that supports up to 80 kg of weight. It’s equipped with an SR Suntour M3010 fork with 40mm of travel, enough to provide good cushioning for a child. It has aluminum rims with wide 2.10″ H-5129 Victory MTB tires . The weight of the set is 12.9 kg.

As for the gear change, it has a 21-speed Shimano TY300 . That means it has 3 chainrings and 7 sprockets, offering more combinations than bikes that only have rear sprockets. The changes are actuated with a Shimano RS36 Twist-type mechanism. It also incorporates XLC brand V-Brakes , both front and rear, with adjustable aluminum lever.


Another 24-inch bike to consider from a German brand that also offers this model with an electric motor . Good finishes and reliable components for the little ones to have a good time in the mountains.

24-inch mountain bikes for girls

Girls can ride the same mountain bikes as boys. That said, if they prefer the typical pink or fuchsia colors, brands usually make models with specific decoration for girls. In this case we show you three models with different prices and finishes. The Monty KX7D is a pure MTB with good gears and brakes. The City Cross has double double damping and a 21-speed gearbox. Finally, the prestigious brand Cannondale brings us a versatile model for the city and the countryside, not so focused on MTB. You will surely find a suitable model for the girl.

Children’s equipment

These bikes are no longer toys and the speeds reached and the uneven terrain can be dangerous. Do not skimp on safety for the little ones . It is important to choose a good helmet that protects not only from blows but also from rotational impacts. For this, the best technology was created, called MIPS, which we have already explained to you in this article .

That is why we leave you some recommendations to complete the cycling outfit with a good MIPS helmet for children and gloves and glasses that have just offered the safety pack that every cyclist needs.

24 inch touring bikes

If what we are looking for are bicycles to ride on the street, bike paths, promenades and parks, we may not need an MTB and prefer to opt for the comfort of a city bike. In addition, their prices are lower since they do not have suspension or aluminum frames or disc brakes.

Here we propose 3 models, 2 classic Dutch style, and another beach cruiser style. The latter is also available for boys, with a very striking design.

24 inch electric MTB bike

A very fun option for children are MTB electric bikes . With these bikes, children do not have to make as much effort on the slopes and can endure many more kilometers on the bike. It is also much more fun for them, since they have the feeling of riding a kind of motorcycle. It is becoming more and more common for parents to go out on the road with their children to practice MTB, but children cannot keep up or endure as many kilometers as parents. These bikes are also a good option for these cases.

Here we present two unique models from specialized electric MTB brands that have created these exclusive models for children. They equippowerful and reliable electrical systems . They have the best forks, gears and brakes you can find on 24-inch MTBs. They are not cheap but they are spectacular.

24-inch bike outlet

If you want to get the most for your money, it might be interesting to look into the 24-inch bike outlet . Here you can find the latest units of some models or others that are going to be replaced by new designs and that can offer good discounts. You can find bikes from the best brands at a reduced price or new models with a little discount. Here we leave you some examples, but the outlet is in continuous movement, so it is better to go in to see the current offers. We collaborate with two leading online cycling stores that offer discounts on their products: BikeInn and AllTricks. Check the current offers.


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