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Movidy the app for lovers of movies and series

Movidy the app for lovers of movies and series
Movidy the app for lovers of movies and series

Lately, people have stopped using cable services on their televisions and have opted movidy more for streaming movies and series, either on their mobile phones and/or computers and laptops; although they can also use Chromecast services to be able to use these services on their  Smart TVs.

On mobile devices we have many free applications to watch audiovisual content, and also paid ones, with these same streaming services, some exclusively for movies, others only for series, while other apps offered both contents.

Among the paid applications are Netflix, HBO +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and the free ones we have Pluto TV, BlimTV, Canela.TV and today’s theme  Movidy.

Like the aforementioned ones,  Movidy is a streaming platform where users can watch movies and series, old or relatively new, of any genre, all content. As with many of the platforms, we have a  version for phones and tablets and another web version, which is special for computers, although it can still be opened with mobile browsers.

What happened to Movedy?

One of the biggest problems that these free streaming applications can have is that at any time they can be removed from both the corresponding stores of the phones and the servers since much of the content they transmit is copyrighted and these services do not have the permits for it, for which they are sued.

Movidy did not escape being removed from the Play Store, although it is still online, the only way to get it for the phone is by downloading it from non-Google stores, and luckily, it is still online on its web version.

What is its operation?

If you have a  Smart TV  you can access movies to enjoy its content on the big screen, however, if your television does not have the function to browse the internet, luckily  Movidy is compatible with Google Chromecast, to also enjoy its movies and series on our TV.


Movidy in its mobile version is an application that does not require many resources for its operation, an  Android phone with version 4.1 can easily run Movidy,  unfortunately, it is not available for iPhone or iPads; If you search Movidy’s official website: movidyapk.com, you can download the official version for mobile devices and even the installer for PC, compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Regarding its update, the application will always give a notice when one is available, this is because when we download an application outside the Play Store, we will not have automatic updates and we will have to do it manually. 



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