Now in theaters at Paramount Pictures and Joseph Sierpinski’s long-awaited and delayed blockbuster Romantic Stop Gun: Maverick the U.S Tom Cruise’s. Marine, whose Syracuse, New York native Tom Cruise is one of his most iconic roles. I see Airman Pete “Maverick” returning to Mitchell. Over 30 years. This photo has already generated rave reviews and hype at festivals and promises to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

To celebrate the release of Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise’s best films have been compiled into a ranking of 40 years of filmography. With decades of blockbusters, crowd favorites, and a few flops (The Mummy, by the way), there are times when Cruise is the biggest living movie star. Top Gun: Where does Maverick fit into your impressive filmography? This is the best Tom Cruise movie ever rated.

Best movie with tom cruise

1. Warranty (2004)

Michael Mann, master of the fast-paced crime thriller, has created several genres of classics. Of course, nothing compares to his stripped-down, character-rich masterpiece. This L.A. is also the culmination of his career as Cruise, who plays a social killer who implicates a mild-mannered taxi driver (Jamie Fox, who was nominated for Ray the same year as the Oscars) in his murder. The promotional material is the equivalent of the thrill of lifting an armrest and a plump, nasty philosophy. Immersed in the neon lights of digital video (years before it was the norm), “Accomplice” is also the best and most truthful film ever made in Los Angeles.

On the cruise performance: Pledge sees danger and fire, sees the cruelty of the artist (how many of us are ready to fly a plane?) and turns it into poison. It’s a terrifyingly realistic twist, a dreamy thriller that’s as gripping as it sounds, and a killing machine that’s still recognizable as a human.

2. Minority report (2002)

Spielberg First Class. A poignant adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s book on crime-fighting ethics, Cruz is his most compelling on-screen team as a future cop trying to reveal his name. The dissenting report is an allegory by Hitchcock on the wire of the “wrong man”, Philip K. Dick, with an engraving by Spielberg and an animated set. It’s something we rarely get but always want when we go to the movies.

3. Mission Impossible – Fallout Effect (2018)

One of the top 10 action films made so far, and maybe even the top five. A lot has been said about the envelope-sending actions in Fallout (Helicopter! Firefight! Hit!), so let’s talk about the scenario here. It should be seen as an indispensable factor in the splendor of Fallout. Christopher Unmarried won an Oscar for writing The Usual Suspects. Here he created a strange, witty and original popcorn thriller. The double cross and proven alliances have always been one of the main elements of the series. Fallout details the motivations and values ​​of all characters to make them easier to understand.

As an added bonus, Fallout does excel in terms of spectacle, but more importantly, Ethan Hunt didn’t mean much to me. This series just keeps getting better and better. Fallout is a big leap.

4. Jerry Aguirre (1996)

The oft-quoted Cameron Crows drama features the remarkable work of Frank Capra, as well as a selfish protagonist facing a crisis of conscience. Cruz plays a humble and determined sports agent. Jerry Aguirre received a lot of support from Renee Bellwether and Cuba Golding Jr. swept the awards season at wide receiver for the cocky Arizona Cardinals. Continuous, light-heated, and deep American, Jerry Aguirre is the perfect tone for a love story.

5. Magnolia (1999)

Cruz explored a cruelly exciting territory in Paul Thomas Anderson’s brilliant and disruptive ensemble, Boogie Nights follow-up, and about 10 overlapping lives in the San Fernando Valley.

As Frank T.J., McKee leads a noisy seminar on how boys win girls (and more than just visible), and Cruise’s performance is flattering, cheerful, and totally heartbreaking. Up to various. The final deathbed conflict in the film represents the best performance of Cruise’s career, as emotionally brutal as it might have been a warning from the surgeon general. “Magnolia” won the “Golden Bear” at the Berlin International Film Festival.

6. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

As cold as a Christmas movie, Stanley Kubrick’s latest movie is an overnight sexual odyssey of a New York doctor (Cruise) who admitted that his wife (Nicole Kid man) was fancy about another man. It’s a fierce drama about. .. Kubrick died six days after showing Warner Bros. the last cut, and the film underwent extensive editing to avoid NC-17 ratings (a much higher quality original version on DVD and streaming). Now widely available).

Kubrick, long known as a master of very long shots and takes, won the Eyes Wide Shut and, with 400 days of principal shoots, set the Guinness World Records for the longest shoot. After being rejected by some critics, “Eyes Wide Shut” is seen as a major challenge for Kubrick. That was the director’s favorite role.

7 Dangerous businesses (1983)

Tom Cruise grabbed the side of the plane while it soared in the sky. He leaned against the edge of the cliff. He flew several planes. He went against death over and over again. But if there’s one iconic image in his filmography, it’s 21-year-old Cruz, wearing underwear and dancing in the living room to Bob Segre’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” song. increase.

Risky Business is so good that it doesn’t cast a shadow over one of the most memorable dance routines in the cinema. In a 1980s sex and capitalist satire, Paul Brick man’s inspiring comedy, Cruz (along with Rebecca DE money and Joe Anatolian) escaped, hired a prostitute, and Porsche in the absence of his parents. Will crash. .. Among those who are not afraid of dark themes, but are willing to recognize the privileged peculiarities of the world and its characters, Risky Business is one of the best comedies ever made.

8 Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Trust hype. Top Gun: Maverick is the latest American box office revenue. It feels like a 1986 film heritage and a continuation of Tom Cruise’s 40-year film, and features the best you’d expect from Hollywood’s most consistent star. Going to the movies in recent years is one of the most compelling reasons, and it’s a more exciting and enjoyable experience than the similarly delayed No Time to Die.

Hart has always made the original film ring, and Maverick builds it in an unexpected and satisfying way. There is loss and romance, aging and forgiveness. The action is groundbreaking, squeezed and miserable, but in the end, nothing beats the on-screen reunion of a perfect Val Wilmer Marksmanship cruise with Iceman. Cruise is still in his heyday and Maverick is the best movie of 2022 so far.

9. Born July 4 (1989)

Cruise received his first Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Vietnam War veteran Ron Novice alongside Will em Defoe and Kara Edgewise after making his name as a box office hit over the years. Born in the fourth week of a scandalous injury, he received eight Oscar nominations, including Best Play. Oliver Stone (Vietnam War Veteran) won Best Director.

In 2021, Cruise returned all three Golden Globes (including Best Actor in this photo) to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association due to a lack of diversity controversy.

10.Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Brad Bird has only directed anime before, but anyone who has seen The Incredible will know that Bird is perfect for MI:4. Film critic Roger Ebert sometimes uses the term “injured forearm movie.” This is a film screening in which there is always a hand of acquaintance. East. For a long time. The action is merciless and elegant. Plus, thanks to Simon Peggy, Ghost Protocol is hilarious.

Cruise’s dedication to his technique is legendary. His ascent of Dubai’s 2,722-foot tall Burr Halifax , the tallest building in the world, set a new standard for stunt work. Of course, in all subsequent films, he will continue to dance around this brand.


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