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The Heart Shaped Ring

The Heart Shaped Ring
The Heart Shaped Ring

Few diamonds symbolize emotion as much as a heart-shaped ring. This incredibly brilliant modification of the round brilliant is designed to honor the universal symbol of love while retaining the coveted brilliance of the standard round cut. You will need to choose a stone with perfect symmetry; the left and right halves should mirror each other, and the top indentation and bottom point should match. A weight of more than 0.50 carats is desirable so that the outlines of this particular shape are visually well defined. Smaller hearts are best placed in a bezel or with three prongs (one on the shoulder of each lobe and one at the bottom), while a fourth prong can be used for larger stones.

1.84 carat heart shaped diamond engagement ring

Heart-shaped diamonds date back to 16th-century royalty, when Mary, Queen of Scots gave one to Queen Elizabeth; the gift was made as a token of goodwill and friendship. These silhouettes were especially prized, as in those days it was very difficult to carve the shape of a heart. The heart-shaped diamonds we enjoy today were standardized in the early 20th century.

The silhouette or shape itself will be a matter of personal preference. You or your fiancee might like a more traditional heart with a deep indentation and rounded petals. Others may prefer a thinner heart with straighter lobes and a shallower notch. Different lengths and widths also depend on the specific configuration of the ring. When looking for a heart shaped engagement ring, symmetry and clarity are key.

Anniversary ring with a 4.60 carat lavish light yellow heart shaped diamond

In the Mark Broumand Modified Brilliant Diamond Ring collection, you will find only the highest quality and most symmetrical diamonds. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, the heart shape will be stunning in a solitaire or halo. An anniversary ring with a heart-shaped diamond will look amazing in a setting of three stones. The brilliance of your specially shaped diamond will shine like a white or fancy colored diamond. Browse our selection or design your own special ring in search of the perfect symbol of your love.



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