Hi Girls!
Today I want to share this article with you, all so that you realize why fashion is NOT uncomfortable, and so you can be calm depending on the style and the amount of clothes you want to wear… Welcome!

Have you ever wondered how trends in clothing start to appear out of nowhere and from one moment to another this becomes as viral as a video on social media? Well, this happens because there are risky people who are not afraid of innovation, of being different, and project their way of being in their way of dressing, which makes others want to imitate them, without realizing that this imitation could be authentic. if they lost the fear of being themselves.

Leather jackets, leggings, coats or other types of clothing will never go out of style, what makes them look good or not is the way each girl wears them, accessories and footwear play a very important role when it comes to choose this kind of clothes, and well, even when they were not fashionable, you could also wear them, because it is you and your own style who decide what you want to show the world.

Being at the forefront of accessories and clothing would be the most convenient for all girls, especially for those of us who like to be the center of attention and eye catchers, but well, being fashionable is not always wearing what you want. the rest of the world wants, to be fashionable is to be authentic, rebellious, sober but very original when it comes to going out on the street, try to plant your own way of seeing life and you will see how other girls will be encouraged to do the same .

Always remember that you do not need to be conventional to please those around you, you simply need to be yourself, and the rest will come in addition.


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