Actress Shilpa Shetty is currently making the most of her filming days in Punjab. It was last month when Shilpa announced her next film called Sukhi and after publishing it she went to shoot in Patiala. Preparing for the shoot on Sunday, Shilpa took time to sunbathe, and, well, she checked out her social media account to inspire her followers. The Hungama 2 actress was seen taking a “much-needed” vitamin D while she was relaxing on a rooftop.
On her Instagram page, Shilpa shared a photo of herself showing off her sunbathing antics on Sundays. Sharing the photo, she wrote: “Sunday tan scenes. Got some much-needed vitamin D before wearing #Sukhi for the day. (Don’t miss the roof!)” In the photo, Shilpa is sitting on a chair wearing a white headscarf. With her eyes closed, actress Suhi seemed to be soaking up the bright, sunny hues before filming.
Meanwhile, Shilpa recently celebrated Holi with her children Samisha and Viaan. She shared a cute Holi video of Samisha and Viaan on social media where the two could be seen playing Holi with flower petals. She also posted a photo of herself standing near a green field in Punjab as she drove to Chandigarh to film Suhi.
The film is directed by Sonal Joshi and supported by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra, and Shikha Sharma. She was previously seen in Hungama 2 with Paresh Rawal and Mizaan.
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