If your love life doesn’t work out, you don’t have to sit idly by. Let’s figure out how to find a man, even if it seems like all the normal ones are already gone.

Spoiler alert.

Friends, this is not an article of a practical nature. There is no specifics and step by step instructions on how to find happiness. This article is the author’s thoughts without pretensions of originality and genius. Low expectations are the key to a good night’s sleep.

You can find the guy here.


My girlfriends are divided into two camps: while some eagerly share their experiences and give wise advice on how to get married, others sigh that there are no normal men left in this world.

You know, if I didn’t personally know these all-around beautiful girls in the frustrated group, I could safely assume that they overestimate themselves or leave no chance for normal guys. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Maybe some girls just tend to notice the wrong men. We fall in love with the wrong men, and then we suffer and cry ourselves to sleep. Yes, of course, in life there are not the easiest situations. But, honestly, it always takes two to tango: there is no such thing as one to blame.

Where to Find a Normal Guy

Well okay, one day you picked up and grew up. Realized and accepted that you like pompous assholes. But you get tired of that, too. Any drama, even the most florid, sometimes bores you, and you want something normal and real. And then a reasonable question arises: where and how to find a normal guy?

If there was some magic place, a kind of Plato’s cave, where they would hide all the normal men, then the girls would probably already be lining up in lines worse than for the clothes of the new collection of H & M with some famous designer. Girls who had completed Pavel Rakov’s course in women’s studies would surely have been bussed there in special buses, and all their broken hearts would have been sent to involuntary rehabilitation.

Alas, there is no such place of concentrated male power. Or maybe I don’t know about it. Clearly, all of life’s key encounters are always completely random and unpredictable. But here is a simple applied question: Is it possible to increase this probability artificially?

Girl’s thoughts out loud

I went to the people (in Telegram) and wrote to my girlfriends, asking them to tell me where they generally meet and look for non-random relationships. The reaction of the girls was hilarious: “Well, we used to socialize normally, Ann, why are you starting” to “This is a very difficult question. I have never met normal guys”. To sum it up my girlfriend who wrote: “Oh, Anja, normal guys are an endangered species.

Among the popular answers to the question of where to meet a normal man, if you are very lucky, included university, work, hobby clubs, car service centers, sports clubs, friendly parties, bars and cafes. One girlfriend suggested that Romeo could be safely guarded at some fancy intellectual hangouts, though the girl herself admitted that she “wasn’t working yet.”

Places vs.

To be honest, I myself am very dubious about the concept of a place to meet. It seems to me to be all in the series of unseen cave with the unmarried and the promising. So I wondered if there were some kind of tipsters on this topic that weren’t tied to a specific space. Then I asked to share insights from those who have already met HIM.

So, what can help you meet a normal dude?

Dream of meeting HIM. Get frustrated and don’t expect anything.

It’s important to live with the idea that somewhere in this big world there’s bound to be HIM, with whom you have fun, comfort, freedom and cool as friends. That being said, there is no idealization of the world here. We all always fall in love with the wrong people, and many girls are more afraid of falling in love than guys. In life, I guess everything comes when you let go. You get disappointed in everything and dumbly score, you don’t wait for anything.

Usually it’s the most amazing stories that shoot out, when you’re not even sure if he’ll call back after the date.

Anyway, you just have to believe that one day you’ll meet someone you can be yourself with. Someone who loves your friends. Someone with whom you can breathe easy. And if you’ve already met him, he won’t let you go (read: don’t let him go for anything). With this special emphasis on the fact that it is desirable before the cherished meeting to be disappointed in everything and not to wait. Just live, and there, and then, you’ll see, and a prince on the horizon.


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