When it comes to acing fashion and make-up trends, no one can do it better than our favorite Bollywood celebrities. The way the B’Town diva carries themselves in every outfit and make-up not only inspires fashion enthusiasts but their fashionable also gives away certain tricks to ace your make-up and outfits.
Well, have you ever noticed that though the actresses of this generation opt for lighter make-up, their eyes speak volumes? Be it Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt or Kiara Advani, the actresses of B’Town makes sure to set major fashion trends every time they make a public appearance and makes sure their make-up is on point. Do you also want to look fresh and gorgeous like our favorite B’Town celebrities but don’t know how to ace that perfect look to enhance your eyes? Fret not, we are here with useful tricks which will help you in perfectly enhancing your eyes.
Follow the below mentioned steps to enhance your eyes properly just like Deepika, Kiara and others.
Moisturise – Before jumping into applying make-up, do not forget to moisturize your face. It not only hydrates your skin but also prepares it for make-up application.
Prime – The next step in the make-up application procedure is to apply primer to your face. It helps even out your skin tone and creates a smooth surface on your face.
Conceal – Use a tad bit of concealer in places necessary. It helps cover up the blemishes and under-eye circles.
Contour – To enhance the facial features properly, one should contour their face at the proper places. You can contour your nose, cheekbones, jawline and some parts of your forehead (if necessary). After this step, you can either use a foundation to even out your skin tone, or you can just blend the concealer and contour properly.
Enhance your eyes – The most important and time-taking part of make-up application process is how to enhance your eyes properly. This can either make or break your entire look. Do you want to enhance your eyes like Deepika, Kiara and other actresses? It is a few simple steps away. After you are done with your face, you can start your eye makeup by applying your preferred choice of eyeshadow. Once done, you can now move to the lower lashes, which plays an important role in enhancing your eyes. Just put a bit of white kajal in the lower waterline of your eyes, apply some strokes of a neutral shade eyeshadow under the lower lashes, apply some mascara to add volume to your lashes, and voila! You are ready to do all the talking with your eyes.
Touch up – Once you are done with all these procedures, you can add a bit of blush and highlight your face to complete your make-up.
Do you know any other way to enhance your eyes while doing make-up? Let us know by tweeting to us @ZoomTV.


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