One of the best and easiest ways to find a bridesmaid dress that suits a particular person is to base it on their astrological sign. The zodiac sign is an excellent indicator of one’s personality, including their sense of fashion and wardrobe preferences. This month is Scorpio season and we’re highlighting the aesthetic inclinations of the sassy ladies under this sign. 

Scorpio bridesmaids and their fashion personalities…

Sexy, mysterious, and oh-so-stylish, Scorpio ladies are all about fashion and are so good at it. When it comes to dressing up, women under this sign lean towards edgy and unique pieces that will make them lowkey stand out. They are serious about their appearance and pay close attention to the details of each garment and appearance they whip up. 

Scorpios bridesmaids and their colour palette preferences…


Two words to describe a Scorpio’s colour leanings: simple and sleek. They try to veer away from loud shades and intense prints and tend to choose a straightforward palette of blacks, greys, deep reds, dark greens, and burnt oranges reflective of their intense nature. For something lighter, they just stick to white.

Scorpio bridesmaids and their preferred dress silhouettes…

One wedding tip to remember when choosing a bridesmaid dress for a Scorpio woman is that they are all for understated sexiness and quiet elegance, sometimes even verging on something dark and gothic. Here are some examples of bridesmaid dresses Scorpios would love to wear:

Dark Green Silk Bridesmaid Slip Dress

Dark Green Silk Bridesmaid Slip Dress

Cool, stunning, and eye-catching, a slip dress is a staple in a Scorpio’s wardrobe. This body-flattering silhouette works for just about any type of wedding theme and can be worn simply as it is or blinged up with other complementing garments like a statement jacket. If there’s something Scorpios love, it’s versatility.

Black Velvet Bridesmaid Long-sleeved Dress

Black Velvet Bridesmaid Long-sleeved Dress

Scorpios have a natural gothic aura that’s why they are attracted to dark like brown dresses and moody attires like luxurious long-sleeved bridesmaid dresses in velvet fabric. This type of frock exudes a sexy witchy vibe that Scorpios adore.

Burgundy Chiffon Bridesmaid Flowy Dress

Burgundy Chiffon Bridesmaid Flowy Dress

Another perfect item for a Scorpio bridesmaid’s attire is an ethereally flowy chiffon bridesmaid dress in melancholic colours like wine red or burgundy. Add minimal accessories and shoes to die for, this look is something a Scorpio would gladly pull off.

Scorpio bridesmaids’ hair and makeup preferences

A bridesmaid look is not complete without complementing hair and makeup and Scorpio ladies always make sure that these two are as on-point as their attire. Like their fashion preference, Scorpio’s beauty aesthetics include polished hairstyles and impeccable makeup. 

high ponytail

When choosing what to do with their crowning glory, Scorpio bridesmaids love sleek coiffures where no strand is out of place. These styles include dramatic high ponytails, chic buns, and well-put braids. Another option they sometimes go for is hairstyles with a touch of mystery which means loose strands that cover part of the face or gothic-inspired messy curls.

dark and dramatic eye shadows with heavy mascara and eyeliner

As for the makeup, Scorpio bridesmaids are loyal to the smoky look so that means dark and dramatic eye shadows with heavy mascara and eyeliner. They love finishing their beauty with fierce lips in dark red. If they are feeling a little bold and adventurous, Scorpios sometimes add a little glitter to their eye makeup for a touch of sass.

Now that you’re familiar with a Scorpio bridesmaid’s fashion preferences, you’re ready to dress her up for your wedding! Just one last wedding tip: it is always best to consult your bridesmaid about the specific looks that she likes. After all, zodiac or not, fashion and style are not a one size fits all thing, and what works and is preferred by the majority may not be the case for another. Having said that, it’s time to call your Scorpio gal pal and go dress planning and shopping!


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