Brazilian-American Playboy icon Viviane Bordin has announced the official launch of the digital platform Diamond Brazil, billed as the choice for those online creators and entertainers seeking an alternative to the wildly successful OnlyFans platform. offers its users many of the same functionalities as Onlyfans accounts but with less stress over censorship of adult-type content.

The platform will feature columnists from all over the world with everything about the female universe. “It’s our time,” says Viviane.

When they ask Viviane and compare Dimond fans with only fans, she gives a strong answer that every platform has a different style and fans.

Digital Diamond Magazine launched its a  platform ( in the United States after consolidation in the Brazilian market and a trajectory already started in European countries. The CEO of the digital group Diamond Brazil arrives in Miami at the invitation of the international investment consultant Eliete Negrão, who, with its hundreds of internationalized Business Projects in the United States, saw the Platform as an excellent opportunity in the American market.

With a success story, since 2015, the Digital Diamond Magazine, which in Brazil has a platform of more than 10.,000 subscribers, has now arrived in the United States and  already has a big launch event on the  agenda, exclusively for guests, press and influencers.

Followers of Playboy would recognize Viviane Bordin as a Playboy cover model whose sensual photo shoots have gained her immense popularity all over the world wide web.

In addition to her work as a model, Bordin has expanded her efforts to founding magazines as well as having launched lingerie, beachwear and fitness clothing lines.

Viviane Bordin started her modeling career at 18 when she was crowned Miss Cascavel in 2000, and later crowned Miss Parana in 2001. This was followed by her modeling triumph on the cover of Fluir Magazine in 2003. Soon Playboy Magazine came calling as did VIP photoshoots. Vivianse found herself featured on Playboy TV Latin America and Iberia in 2005/2006. Viviane found herself recognized by Playboy TV fans in Brazil, Argentina, and the rest of Latin America and Southern Europe.

Since that time, Viviane has been a mainstay of Playboy magazine, having returned for a 2009 Brazil muse summer cover and also a Playboy Portugal 2019 winter cover.

She did the cover Diamond Magazine during the first years of the magazine existence and now Viviane Bordin’s creative vision is to create ways for the women to feel confident and sexy. As Viviane puts it, ” If you ever had the chance to be in  a playboy cover, you know the value of having your sensual self image affirmed and here I attempt to give all women that same opportunity.”

Viviane knows exactly how to look sexy and classy and the idea of creating content empowering women in all ages has become a business goal. The Diamond Magazine and platform seeks to transcend prejudices about what is beautiful and sensual as its management strives to create and developing artistic essays that expand the usual ideas of sensuality and sexiness, far from the vulgarity of much of the current content online.

Viviane, who has almost 1 million followers on Instagram herself, will be the head of the Platform for the foreseeable future and she believes her main ongoing task will be the innovation of new platforms the realize her vision.

Her numerous photo shoots and rehearsals during her illustrious modeling career sparked Viviane’s  search for female empowerment. “This realization led to a major turning point in Viviane’s thinking that made women’s self-esteem and stimulation a business goal”, says Viviane.

A goal that now has unfolded in the USA with Viviane’s Diamond Brazil launch, and American audiences are discovering this vision for themselves.


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