Fashion can create community. These memories show the ripple effect that acts of kindness and opportunity had on the lives of those who passed away in 2022. Many of these waves were started by the fashion world’s greatest pioneer and entertainer, André Leon Talley, who studied under Diana Vreeland at the Metropolitan University. Join Vogue. Hanae Mori paved the way for Issey Miyake and other Japanese designers to hold shows in Paris.’

Behind the scenes, photographer Roxanne Rowitt’s career began when artist Antonio López gave her a camera as a gift. Antonio López also helped Peter Hidalgo make his way in fashion. William Klein, who photographed model Dorothy McGowan’s latest looks, later cast her as the lead in a satirical fashion film… Fashion is a collective expression, and all the better for him. A tribute to the self-made talents who have contributed so much to the industry.


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