A sari is an evergreen garment that can be worn on any occasion. Also, Banarasi saree should be your choice because it will never go out of style. Banaras series are so fashionable that almost all women share a traditional affinity with them, so this saree should be a must have.

If you have a traditional event, dress it up by wearing a Banarasi saree. Available in amazing colors and prints, we bet it will blow your mind and you won’t stop with a single purchase.

Now that you have decided to buy a classic banarasi saree, do not stick to the usual draping style. There are so many different ways to style a saree. So if you want to turn heads at any event, dress up in your exclusive purchase and try out these unique drapery styles.

Wear Traditionally – If you are attending a family wedding, look your best by draping your saree in the traditional way. Adorn your hair with traditional jewelry and floral accessories to make your look extravagant.

Open Pallu Style – There is something beautiful about summer weddings. If you agree, decorate your summer wedding with a saree that can be draped in an open pallu style. Opt for plunging necklines and accessories with minimal flashy embellishments if you want to be daring.

Choose a draped neck style: Show your inner bohemian chic by choosing a draped neck style for a social outing. Instead of the usual curtains, turn the pallu over and wear it as a scarf. Top it off with oxidized jewelry and opt for a braided hairstyle to complete the look.

Lift up your waist with a belt: If you are going to a cocktail party, make it extravagant by pairing the banarasi saree with an eye-catching belt. Since you like the Indo-Western look, ditch your regular blouse and opt for an off-the-shoulder blouse or shirt. Replace your usual jewelry with a choker necklace and keep the style minimal.

Wear a dhoti style saree: Banarasi fabric linen saree is a classic choice for a cocktail party or art display. Enhance your look with bohemian flair by covering nine yards of dhoti-style elegance. Spectacular earrings and a chic hairstyle are the right way to complete this look.

Wear it lehenga style. If you love wearing a Lehenga, cover up your Lehenga style saree and get the best of both worlds. Complete your look with a brocade blouse and chunky chunky choker necklace. You can keep your hair straight or go for a more classic style, such as a low bun that can be accessorized with flower arrangements.

With these amazing style tips on how to wear a saree, you can elegantly dress up any formal or traditional event. Be a trendsetter by draping your saree in different ways.


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