Asking what quantity a rock weigh is a remarkable question as a result of the solution is, of course, reaching to rely entirely on the particular rock you’re asking regarding. I wished to jot down this text to present a definitive answer to a matter that’s a lot of difficult than it’d appear on the surface. If you’re {curious regarding|interested by|interested in|inquisitive about} what quantity a rock weighs – in spite of the dimensions or kind of rock you’re curious about – you’ve come back to the correct place.

On average, a displacement unit of rock weighs one hundred sixty-five.2 pounds, however counting on the sort of rock it’s going to weigh between 143.6 and 186.0 pounds. A rock’s weight is set by its density and volume. Associate in a Nursing approximation of any rock’s weight may be calculated exploitation of straightforward volumetrical formulas.

Rock Weight By Size

If you’re {trying|making Associate in Nursing attempt|attempting} to urge an approximate weight for a rock of a specific size, I’ve taken care of that job for you here. I went out and located rocks of a bunch of common sizes and weighed them for you (with the exception of terribly giant sizes), and measured their diameters in order that you’ll build a lot of direct comparisons to the sort of rock you’re curious regarding.

Keep in mind that the precise weight of your rock will definitely vary a small amount compared to the rocks I weighed, however, you ought to be ready to get a really sensible plan by scrutiny them to the present chart and also the footage below. the precise weight of a rock can rely on its size and density. I even have enclosed footage of every one of the rocks I weighed for reference.


After mensuration of many pebbles of various sizes, I made up my mind that the common weight of a stone is one gram (.035 ounces). The weights of the pebbles ranged from .1 grams to three grams (.0035 ounces to .106 ounces). something larger than that I wouldn’t in person decision a stone any longer. See the photographs below for reference.

Landscaping Rocks

I went outside to the improved space of my yard and chose a representative rock. I set these marble chip rocks myself a number of years past therefore I sensible an honest sense of what quantity they weigh once bagged up and during a wheelbarrow! A landscaping rock weighs regarding forty grams or 1.4 ounces. There are many various sizes and kinds of landscaping rocks, of course, however, you’ll see the photographs below for reference.

Skipping Stone

Obviously, there’s quite a little bit of variation within the size of skipping stones, however, I found what I’d fancy to be a median-sized rock that I’d use for skipping and weighed it on my food scale. A skipping stone weighs regarding forty grams or 1.4 ounces.


Now we’re going in some tight-sized rocks. The rock I selected is regarding the dimensions you’d see utilized in a cobbled street. It’s a small amount larger than my closed clenched fist. This size rock is the most important-sized rock I’d throw – something larger than this might be impractical. A cobble-sized rock weighs regarding two.6 pounds or 1.2 kgs.

Basketball Sized Rock

I had to various scales to live on this rock. near to anyone will carry a rock this size, however, it’ll begin obtaining significance for a few individuals. I took a visit resolute my parents’ place to decide on a bunch of huge landscaping rocks and tried to search out the one that looked nighest to basketball-sized. A basketball-sized rock weighs regarding forty-two pounds or 19 kgs.

Yoga Ball Sized Rock

At this time, the rocks became overlarge to hold or sadden a scale, therefore I had to modify some mathematical calculations and approximations instead. A yoga ball is twenty-six inches in diameter, therefore exploiting a median rock density of one hundred sixty-five pounds per displacement unit I calculate that a yoga ball-sized rock weighs 920 pounds or 418 kg.

Car Sized Rock

We’re going in some rough estimates here, however, I wished to calculate an honest approximation for a really giant boulder. I made a decision on a rock that’s roughly the dimensions of an automobile. presumptuous a diameter of ten feet and a median density of one hundred sixty-five pounds per displacement unit, car-sized boulder weights eighty-six,500 pounds, or 39,271 kg.

Bags of Landscaping Rocks

I happened to own a number of further baggage of landscaping rocks birth around from a previous home improvement project, therefore I made a decision to weigh those and add them to the list. A bag of landscaping rocks weighs fifty pounds. one in every of this baggage is well captive by somebody in affordable form, however speaking from personal expertise it will quickly become exhausting if you’re moving plenty of baggage.


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