Summer is the perfect time to take fashion risks — the vibe is often more relaxed and warmer weather brings the opportunity to comfortably show more skin. Street style is a great place to search for seasonal style inspiration and summer 2022 looks to be a playful mix of sheer fabrics, crop tops, animal print, and over sized pants. The mood is both pulled together and comfy with plenty of fun to be had with prints and statement pieces. Here are some of the best street style looks of summer 2022 to keep you both on-trend and having fun as the weather heats up.

Embrace Sheer Fabric

Whether it’s a sheer top layered over beachwear or a sheer tank dressed up for hitting the town, sheer fabric is a hot look for summer 2022. Not sure you can pull it off? A nude bra and a jacket for layering can help make this look more modest.

Get Playful With Shimmer, Manga, and Animal Print

Summer is a great time to pull out bold pieces — including daytime sparkles, rattlesnake boots, and manga-inspired t-shirts and purses. Really want to up the boldness? Pink hair dye takes these looks to the next level. And, pairing a mini skirt with knee-high boots is also a fun summer move.

Let Shorts Be Over sized, Too

During the colder months, oversized pants and blazer combos were everywhere. For summer, pairing oversized shorts with a crop top and a blazer can achieve the same look but cooler. Chunky boots also help to complete the look.

Pick Over sized White Pants For Summer

Nothing says summer quite like white pants and these oversized white trousers bring the look solidly into summer 2022. Pairing oversized pants with sleek sandals, a tucked-in tank, and an open jacket creates a chic look.

Sport A Knotted Crop Top

Crop tops seem to be getting smaller and smaller with some bras doubling as regular attire this summer. A knotted crop top creates a vintage swimwear inspired look that pairs well with high-waist shorts, sandals, and a pair of classic sunglasses for the ultimate summer fashion statement.

Keep The Animal Print In Rotation

Animal print has been consistently showing up in street style during the past couple of years and doesn’t appear to be taking a hiatus this summer. While boots or a bag can make nice animal print accents, going for the full animal print dress is even more fun.

Pair Bright Colors

Tucked in tops are definitely the vibe for summer 2022 and it’s also a great time to bring out the brighter colors, like this aqua and orange look worn by Flora Coquerel. Pairing two bold colors that don’t traditionally go together is a fun way to spice things up for summer.

Snag A Basket Shopper

Basket shoppers are ideal summer bags — they conjure up memories of summer picnics while providing the versatility of extra space for everything summer brings. Perfect for the beach or the farmer’s market, a basket shopper is a fun way to bring summer into your warm weather wardrobe.

Keep Things Monochrome And Cozy

Athleisure hasn’t left the scene and crisp white sneakers with a long skirt are exactly the sporty feel that is summertime. Cotton, a drawstring waist, and monochrome lavender all bring comfort and relaxation to the look that just calls out Sunday brunch with friends.

Dress Up With Prints

While monochrome looks are also trending, summer is the ideal time to bring out the fun prints. From animal print to floral to paisley, the sky is the limit when it comes to picking the right print for a summer sundress. Just remember, short hems are in, so if you’re willing to go mini, you’ll be in good company for 2022.


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