Yes, every months, we all embrace the idea that our room looks boring. We need something new! Now, you can call the depleting attention span of humankind or be in our house for months on end; it is inevitable.

Once in a while, our curtains start looking dull, and we feel monotonous within the same walls. This becomes extra torturous when you are either remote working or a freelancer. Now, it is time to look for better places to work.


Well, how about you give your room a little makeover? Something which will be cheap, and you can do so whenever you are bored with the same look.

1. Curtains & Cushions

Curtains and cushions are the easiest ways to add vibrant colors to your room. Because you can paint your room burnt orange, but after a year it will start looking dull. Yes, it is a nuisance to repaint your entire room, plus the cost can drill a hole through your pocket. Not all of us can afford to repaint our whole house once every year.

However, you can easily switch paints to curtains and cushions. Sometimes we do not need to paint our entire wall yellow, but just a pop of it to make it look all new. 

2. Wallpapers

If there could be a cheaper substitute to paint and accent walls, it would be wallpaper. You suddenly decide that the white is getting quite monotonous. Do you want a brick or rock accent wall to give your room that rustic look; just imagine the cost of getting an accent wall painted in that pattern.

The estimated cost will only stop you from calling for a consultancy. This is why you need to believe in wallpaper and hone your skills in placing them with perfection. Watch videos, and tutorials, try them on a small patch of your wall and see how they stick. 

You can even decorate them virtually in Planner 5D and see whether they would look nice in your actual room. Download this amazing software for free from Pirate Bay.

Once you hone the skill of wallpaper, you will have something new everymonths. However, remember never to place the wallpaper on top of another. Always take the previous one out, and place another one on a clean wall. 

3. Lights Lights Everywhere

Lights are another great addition to your room, and you can add a brand new character to your room with the help of these bright twinkly bits. The best part is that there is no limit to what kind of lights you can experiment with.

You can give your room a new preppy look with the help of fairy lights, or vintage could be calling your name with glass or crochet lamp shades. Or, you can get some mood lighting with changing colors or the colors that suit you.

Yes, it is easier to install lights because you do not always need an electrician. Sometimes just having an electric outlet and an extension wire. Some lights are even battery driven, plus some are chargeable. 

4. The Wonders Of Contact Paper

Contact paper is like furniture equivalent to wallpaper and paints. At times we are bored of looking at the same counter cabinet that the previous owners left. Yes, we humans have a low attention span, and it is difficult to please us. 

So, why not get some marble or wood contact paper from stores and change every flat piece of furniture or countertop you did not like? Yes, it is a little time-consuming, but just think about the end results, and they are all from your hard work.

Another benefit of getting contact paper for decoration is the plethora of options you can choose from. It’s a new aesthetic every months, and so cost effective!

Enjoy Your ‘New’ Room!

Other than these, you can also add some characters to your walls to cut the monotony. You can either have a picture wall of memories or a wall of artwork, or you can put up wall stickers to get an accent wall.

If you want your room to look new and well decorated, you need a plan and a creative mind. Spending too much on interior decorator is not necessary anymore.


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