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Cold drink when it’s too hot: cold or hot?

Cold drink when it's too hot: cold or hot?
Cold drink when it's too hot: cold or hot?

Excessive fever can be a health problem. By evaporating, we lose far more liquid than we think. To give you an idea, we are like a plate of water exposed to the sun at about 30ºC. On the other hand, low humidity can increase body temperature and cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, extreme thirst, and drowsiness. Dehydration problem. It can also lead to heat stroke, fainting, and heat stroke. Alcohol is arguably the best way to avoid these complications, but which cold drink is better, hot or cold? What is the most efficient way to dissipate heat?

Water, stars, but no gas

When it’s hot, the body loses water in the form of sweat. To avoid this, it is recommended to always anticipate thirst and hydrate the body before looking for thirst. However, not all cold drinks have the same benefits and benefits, so not all drinks help with proper hydration. Water is the most important fluid necessary for the proper functioning and hydration of the body.

This cold drink is essential for many activities such as transporting nutrients and oxygen in the body, regulating body temperature, or removing waste. It is also important for digestion, absorption and metabolism. Besides water, another effective and healthy form of hydration is soups, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices (in moderation), decaffeinated or decaffeinated teas, etc. These are water-rich foods.

Lemon can also be used with water, granites (lemon causes salivation and is therefore hydrating), smoothies, and infusions. Carbonated and sugary drinks do not fall into this category due to their high sugar content, which causes thirst and does not hydrate as needed.

Also, don’t be fooled by carbonated water as it not only quenches your thirst, but also causes a feeling of fullness and thus has undesired effects. Alcoholic beverages provide liquids, but alcohol increases the loss of water from the body and does not help with hydration. On the contrary, it has a dehydrating effect.

Is it cold or hot?

One aspect needs to be clarified first when it comes to how to drink hot and cold drinks, especially drinks such as infusions to relieve the heat. Drinks absorb body temperature (usually about 37 ° C). Cold drinks give a refreshing sensation in the mouth, creating a better wind chill and more palatable when hot.

But the benefits are no more. When you consume large amounts of cold liquids such as water and other drinks, your body needs to cope with sudden temperature drops and work harder to recover 37ºC. This is a function that requires a lot of energy and is a storage of energy. .. It overheats us and leads to the opposite of what we want.

Thus, drinking a cold drink will help your body work harder to adapt to your body temperature. Therefore, you need to make an effort that is not always positive. In addition, the feeling of freshness disappears faster when you drink a very cold drink. The more energy your body needs, the stronger the feeling of heat that follows.

The effect is similar to what the body gets when we take a cold shower. The thermal shock of cold water on the body creates a very pleasant feeling of freshness, but the expenditure of energy makes us feel warm faster.

hot is great

On the other hand, hot summer drinks are generally avoided because they cause nausea due to the ambient temperature. Therefore, you will drink less liquid than if the drink was hot. So how do you explain that in a country like Morocco, most people drink hot drinks despite the heat? This is common, mainly for cultural reasons, and when they drink hot drinks, the body starts to sweat, which helps to cool the body.

The smartest thing to do is to consume liquid at room temperature, at a temperature close to that of our body, to avoid changes in the body and unnecessary excessive exercise. temperature because there is no temperature difference. Instead of cold drinks, it is better to drink sodas. It will be appetizing, but it will avoid sudden changes in temperature.



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