Business careers are varied and the list of positions only scratches the surface of the possible positions and careers you can pursue. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to review the various positions to help you think about what business career is right for you.

Some positions exist in almost every aspect of any industry, including administrative assistants, office managers, branch managers, and heads of operations. Others are common to most, if not all, departments in most companies, such as accounting, personal relations, and resources.

Other positions are industry-specific, such as finance or insurance. There are also special positions for business and international relations.

You can give different names for the same job. If you don’t like your current position, we can change it if your boss asks a question and provides a good reason.

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Accounting involves keeping track of a company’s finances and, in some cases, individuals’ finances. Typically, an accountant has two responsibilities. Do not accidentally lose money due to simple mistakes and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Some accountants work for a company, organization, or government agency and simply help organize an employer’s account. These include accountants, controllers and bookkeeping.

Other accountants work for specialized accounting firms such as credit officers and tax specialists. Accountants can also find good jobs in the federal government. There they work in a regulatory or supervisory position (eg auditors). Many of them are involved in tax preparation and may work for individual clients.

These are some of the positions most commonly associated with accounting.

Accounts Receivable / Accounts Receivable Specialist




budget analyst

cache manager



credit manager

tax specialist


Human Resources Department

As your company grows, you will often create a Human Resources department to manage and enact a wide range of policies and regulations related to managing your employees. The position here can be quite general, such as Human Resources Manager or HR Specialist, or it can be very narrow, such as Benefits Officer, Pension Plan Advisor, or Compensation Analyst.

Here are some common names:

social assistant

rewards analyst

Labor Relations Specialist

Human Resources Coordinator

HR Specialist

compensation consultant

delivery consultant

union organizer


There are many career paths in financial management, also known as financial management or money management. These jobs help individuals and businesses manage their finances.

Financial advisors work as individual or corporate advisors. In many cases, the compensation structure includes a balance. This means that the work done many years ago will continue to bear fruit. As a result, financial advisors are highly paid and can have a very flexible workload.

Hedge fund managers and hedge fund traders work on a very specific type of high risk, high return investment opportunity that investors can buy. Loan officers and mortgage bankers deal with the types of financing familiar to most people. Loan money for business purposes or real estate.

Here are some of the many jobs that are common to a finance manager career:

certified financial planner

Accredited wealth manager

Credit Analyst

credit manager

Financial analyst

hedge fund manager

hedge fund core

hedge fund operator

Investment Advisor

investment banker

Advertising for investors

leveraged investor

credit agent

mortgage banker

investment analyst

Marketing Portfolio Management

portfolio manager

rating analyst


Trustee Director

Information Technology (IT) and Digital Media

Almost all employers rely on information technology. Some large companies and organizations create their own IT departments, while smaller companies and organizations may hire an IT specialist or rely on an external contractor. Some companies specialize in various aspects of information technology such as software development. IT is a very reliable source of employment for


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