No matter how well the models walk on the ramp and how nice their clothes are, they never smile during the show. There is a special reason why models do not smile during ramp walks. But why?

In the old days, whenever the women of royal families used to get their paintings made, they did not smile. If you have ever seen any painting of that era, then you must have noticed this thing. In the 19th century, the serious look of models in fashion shows was considered a sign of high status and wealth.

Following this concept even today, the models walking on the ramp wearing expensive clothes never smile. A smiling face shows that someone wants to communicate, giving the right to the person in front to smile after seeing you in a fashion show. In this case, a sense of equality appears. So by not smiling, the models show that their class is very different from the audience sitting in front.

Not smiling also shows that a person is not allowing her emotions to dominate her. According to the Storypick website, one of the reasons for not smiling on a ramp walk is that models always carry new trends. That is, they wear clothes that are not on the market. Smiling while walking on the ramp may bring attention to the model and not clothes.

Now let us tell you what is the most important reason behind not smiling. Making a cheerful face will take the audience’s attention away from the clothes and move to the face. But the main job of models is to show clothes, so to grab the people’s attention towards clothes the models don’t smile while walking the ramp.


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