We’ve all heard about how natural products are better than synthetic ones. We’ve heard it from our parents, our grandparents and from others in our communities. However, they rarely tell us why these natural products are better. What benefits do they have? Why is it that so many people swear by natural lash products form guys like California Lashes and only choose to use natural variants? In this article, we are going to explore why natural lash products are superior. So, without further ado, let us begin our exploration.

Why Go Natural

Natural, in this context, means compounds or substances existing in nature. The general idea is that, when it comes to lash products, the natural variants are better for you. That’s mainly because there aren’t any artificial man-made chemicals or coloring added which can harm your skin or your lashes. They work in a manner which is efficient and effective with the least amount of risk. Many synthetic chemicals used non-natural products may be banned in one country for health reasons while allowed in another which hasn’t looked into the compound as much.

With natural products, these issues can be avoided, and for the most part, you feel comfortable in knowing that what you are using is clean and effective.

Why Not Synthetic

When it comes to non-natural or synthetic lash product, there is always the risk of unsafe practices. They can have components derived from petroleum or mineral oils. These can be toxic in nature and react badly with certain people’s skin. They may use chemicals to make things smell or look better, which have nothing to do with how the product performs – only to do with how it is presented.

Individuals who react badly to these synthetic components can have rashes, skin irritation or other medical complications which adversely affect their standard of living. The bottom line is often the most important thing for many companies and thus, the long-term health of their customers or even the planet is not important. This breeds a level of distrust among customers which natural lash products just do not have.

Benefits Of Natural Lash Products

These products have a lot of benefits. Organically grown plants have anti-oxidating properties which are really helpful, and some also contain important vitamins which are beneficial for you and your lashes. Natural beauty products have been used throughout centuries in multiple different civilizations for enhancement of features.

From ancient China to Cleopatra of Egypt, natural beauty products have been used to enhance looks. In the same manner, natural lash products are used today. Their natural elements, as mentioned before, really bring out the best in your lashes.

Why Antioxidants Are Good For You

Antioxidants function by stopping or correcting the oxidative damage that free radicals can cause.

Antioxidants help in reversing ageing symptoms. You can notice the impacts of oxidative stress in the form of fine lines, loose skin, wrinkles and acne. It breaks down collagen, impairs the skin’s natural repair process, and causes inflammation. Antioxidants can assist in preventing and reversing these outward indications as well as giving your skin a somewhat more youthful shine by scavenging free radicals.

Antioxidants shield skin from the sun’s rays. They help reduce the inflammatory response that your skin produces to combat the sun’s damaging rays, offering a better defense against damage from the sun well as photoaging.

Antioxidants help in healing skin. The skin’s healing and renewal process is hampered by inflammation.  Thus, antioxidants enable the skin to repair and heal noticeable damage by helping in reducing inflammation. Some antioxidants, like vitamin C, can also promote the creation of collagen, which is vital for having youthful skin.

The skin tone is brightened by antioxidants. The synthesis of melanin in our skin might fluctuate as a consequence of free radicals as well as regular sun exposure, leading to dark spots as well as a skin tone which is uneven. They can assist in preventing aberrant pigmentation of the skin by minimizing photodamage. Certain antioxidants, including as vitamin C and also function to block tyrosinase, which is a type of enzyme that helps promotes the synthesis of melanin.

Why Petrochemicals Are Bad For You

The plain fact is that petrochemicals weren’t intended to have direct contact with either people or animals. The list of factors is extensive and expanding. Just a few of the most obvious are listed below.

Petrochemicals enter the body through the skin, where they cause bioaccumulation, systemic exposure, and accumulation in the blood and adipose tissue. They are toxic in themselves and gradually harm DNA. Numerous petrochemicals act as the body’s estrogen substitute. This has been related to early female puberty and a number of illnesses, including cancer.

These free radicals are not only associated with the emergence of cancer, but also with severe inflammatory skin reactions, or chemical burns, that can result from such irreversible chemical alterations. Different finite wavelength bands of UV are absorbed by petrochemicals. In other words, since no one petrochemical has a broad spectrum of effects, petrochemical goods must include a number of different chemicals, each with a different level of carcinogenic potential.


When it comes to natural lash products, they really do work much better than their synthetic counterparts. Even if they do not work better in the short term, in the long term they are so much more effective and maintain your health as well. It is this long-term benefit that makes these products so much more superior.

When taking your health into account, you need to make smart choices. Some synthetic lash products from companies like SoCo Lashes might be cheaper than natural lash ones. However, harmful chemicals and other components are things you should keep in mind. Hopefully, this article has helped in getting you the information you need to understand why natural lash products are superior to their synthetic counterparts.


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