Low testosterone levels are a common concern among men because it hinders a lot of bodily functions such as T production for conceiving with their partners, muscle and bone development, the body’s natural healing ability, and many others. Testosterone becomes less produced when a person reaches the age of 30, which is why at this age, bodily functions start to decline. This is the reason why many people are looking for ways how to boost their T levels. In this regard, there are a few types of T boosters to choose from. This article will share with you all you have to know about the different types of T boosters and which of them is best for your needs.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone Boosters are medications in the form of supplements, pills, and drugs designed to stimulate testosterone hormone production. It contains ingredients and substances that are designed to stimulate organs and body parts that are in charge of producing T hormones – these glands and organs include the pituitary glands, brain, and testes for men, while ovaries for women. Testosterone hormones are produced more in men than among women. These boosters are used not only to build muscle but also to promote better sex drive among men. Men who are having difficulty conceiving with their partners usually have low T levels, and boosters usually prove to be a good remedy.

While testosterone boosters help the body build muscles, it also aids in reducing weight caused by excess fat in the body. T boosters are made with ingredients that enable fast absorption of essential nutrients but slow on fat or calories. It also gives a feeling of fullness that lets a person curb his or her diet.

Types of Testosterone Boosters

Now that we’ve come to know what T boosters are and their benefits, let us check out the list of options in the market. Each type of T booster has its particular effects and requirements from the user so it is important to make sure that the booster is best for your needs to avoid health complications and to achieve positive results.

Testosterone Gel

Testosterone gels are among the commonly used type of testosterone booster because it is easy to use and is not messy. Furthermore, this is a good option to consider if you are used to using products on your skin. Unfortunately, while applying medications and treatment solutions on the skin may not be a problem among women, men usually feel eccentric about this kind of option.

This type of T booster is applied to where most fat is located on the body such as on the belly or abdomen, around the biceps, thighs, and other parts. Also, other brands are designed for specific parts only so make sure to check the labels and instructions before using them on your body. The T booster gel can irritate the eyes so always make sure to avoid sensitive parts of the body.


Another option for a testosterone booster that you can consider is the injection method. The method of injecting testosterone has been used since 1979 and has been known to show good results in increasing T levels of the body.

This liquid drug is injected into the gluteal muscle with a volume of around 100 to 200 mg. Injecting this solution directly to the muscles promotes faster absorption and effects. While this is an easy and quick way to take in the booster, it is certainly not the most inexpensive option.

T Patches

Testosterone Patches are also a good type of T booster to consider if you want an easy and mess-free option. Furthermore, the use of this booster is done mostly at night when the body is at rest to take full effect. These patches are designed to stimulate T production as well as other holistic benefits such as muscle relaxation and muscle tissue healing. When using patches, make sure to have it on the skin for 24 hours before changing patches.


The more common and user-friendly T booster available almost anywhere is the T booster capsule or pill. While these T boosters have been proven to promote T development in the body, it also promotes bone growth and development. While this option is good for adult men with ages more than 30, it may not be advised for younger ages as it is too potent. If you’re a young adult who is looking to use this type of booster, ask your doctors for advice in advance to avoid health complications.

Other means of improving T levels

There are also other means of improving T levels instead of resorting to T boosters and medications. Here are a few of these additional options you can consider to increase the T production of your body.

Proper Diet

Among the common causes of lower testosterone levels is the aging body, and choice of food. Among the common food sources that cause T levels to decline are fatty foods, or those with high-calorie content such as fried foods, bread, sweet food, and others. While it may be hard to immediately stay away from the habit of eating these food items, it is advised to take it slowly by accomplishing one thing at a time. A good way to do so is to reduce the amount of harmful food that you eat in a day. Also, you can look up other substitutes for the food that you usually eat – if you’re used to eating bread with your coffee in the morning, try substituting it with baked potatoes or boiled eggs.

Exercise and sleep

Also, you can improve T levels by simply exercising. Getting the body up and moving improves blood circulation and strengthens the muscles. Consistent use of muscles enables other organs and glands to function more effectively and actively. Of course, after every workout or exercise, it is important to allow the body to rest to heal. Muscles are built or developed when muscle tissues are healed after a tedious and strenuous workout.

Whichever type of T booster you use from the list mentioned in this article, it is always advised to seek recommendations and advice from a professional.


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