THC-P Gummies

Alternative cannabinoids are a bit more complicated and require a variety of solutions. Even the highly-regulated CBD market does not fully control it. Experts have realized that this is the case for every new cannabinoid. There’s another rising local star! Yup, that’s THCP. It’s the most recent cannabinoid to come to market and refer to as”the “hulk” of THC. The regulations are unclear, making the matter even more complicated.

Comparison of THCP and THC


THCP has more cannabimimetic activity than THC, according to an Italian study. As a CB1 receptor agonist, it is particularly effective. The same can be for certain synthetic analogs of THC. 

An email sent to New Atlas by Giuseppe Cannazza, one of the studies, reads as follows:

As reported in the journal, THCP binds 33-fold more strongly to CB1 receptors than THC.

The duration and effects of the effects

The psychoactive properties of THCP Gummies are higher than those of THC, according to Cannazza. Animal studies conduct to support this claim. Humans have not yet prove to benefit from THCP. The amount of the recently discovered cannabinoid can also vary between Cannabis strains.

THC 10 mg had the same effect on mice as THCP 5 mg in all four tests.

A higher dose of THCP also increased the effects of sedation. It would then appear that the mice were in a trance, and their bodies could not move. Could there be a couchlock?

These sedate doses, however, were associated with more potent pain-killing effects in the same study.

Does THCP Make You High?

People can get high from THCP, no doubt. Its higher psychoactivity makes it likely to produce more potent effects than D9. It is essential to understand what makes THCP experience different from other highs. 

Is THCP Gummies Legal?

In this year’s farm bill, THCP edibles and other cannabis compounds such as D8 fall into the gray zone. Research is essential. Different states may have different laws.

How long will the effects on THCP last?

What amount will you need for successful treatment or recreation?

There is no doubt that science will discover the answer soon based on all of these issues.

Important Note

Since the CB1 receptor does not suppress breathing as opioid receptors do in the brainstem, THC is considered relatively safe. There are, however, risks associated with higher efficacy, such as neurodevelopmental, psychiatric, and cardiovascular side effects.

Several CBD-rich types also fall into this category.In other words, cannabis compounds offer a massive jump in gene content. To monitor how cannabis extracts affect you, you must know their risks. Ultimately, we’re just beginning this journey, and everyone must be open to changing their views as the information derived from these cannabinoids becomes available.

Is THCP natural?

There is a naturally occurring chemical in cannabis called THCP. According to one Italian study strain called FM2, it was 1,333x more than THC.

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