DTG or Direct-to-Garment printing is a printing process on clothing items. The process uses specialized aqueous inkjet technology (aqueous textile inks with a unique curing process). These printers have a platen that holds the apparel in a fixed position while the printer inks are sprayed over it by the print head. It is a digital process; therefore, the printed output has a sharper and higher quality image, or DPI.

Usually, the best shirts for DTG printing are the blank ones. Look for a high-quality blank apparel wholesaler having Gildan and other products to have the best-printed shirts. DTG printing is an effective method to opt for if you want to start a new business. If used correctly, it can create some of the most vivid and detailed designs to stand ahead of the competition.

There are different things that this printing method has as benefits like its flexibility, quick turnaround times, unmatched quality, and so on. If you are looking for an extensive list of benefits, read this article.

Fast Preparation Time

The printing method for Direct-to-Garment printing is perfect for one-off jobs, thanks to its fast and hassle-free preparation. Compared to screen printing, another printing method, DTG does not require lots of equipment and planning. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are printing two shirts or twenty as long as you have enough ink for the process. Even without significant efforts, one can get a high-quality printed product output.

Short and fast preparation times are great for startups to manage their production line. You can ensure you are not wasting time setting up things before the printing starts.

A Hassle-free Printing Method

You are halfway through success if you have an industry-leading DTG machine and a trusted wholesaler supplying the best quality blank shirts. In short words, the printing process is extremely hassle-free and straightforward. Anyone can learn the process quickly; therefore, you don’t need a specialist team to handle production.

Frankly, a DTG machine works just like a regular printing machine. The only difference is that you get equally popping pictures on a garment like that on paper. However, one needs to ensure that the garments are treated in a special liquid to ensure the ink bonds perfectly.

Best-in-Class Quality

It is not only a hassle-free process but a quality one too. The Direct-to-Garment printing method goes fine with t-shirts, polos, and even regular shirts. They can be distributed among various industries, some of which depend on top-quality products.

For example, if you are printing logos or fancy typography on shirts, you need top-level results. The same goes for work uniforms, as customers need the best-personalized details embossed on apparel.

The DTG printing method ensures that every clothing item gives equally high-quality prints. Therefore, you can easily tie up with other companies or individuals who are in need of unrivaled printed clothes.

Wrapping Up

From novelty dresses to everyday fashion, one needs the best shirts for DTG printing. So, find a reliable wholesale company having tons of different blank clothing and give your startup business the right start it needs. In recent years, personalized garments like tees, shirts, tank tops, etc., have been in great demand. With DTG printing, your business can reach new heights soon.


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