In addition to using a certain color to seek fortune in some aspect of your life, we also tell you how to look spectacular in the New Year.

Shortly after starting 2022, many people are preparing their cabals to ring in the New Year . Whether it is eating the twelve grapes at midnight, lighting candles, running the apple and some more, another of the things that is common to do is to dress in a garment of a certain color to call good fortune.

So if you want to look spectacular, El Universal tells you what the seasonal colors are, which in addition to making you look totally different, will also become your muleteer.


Yellow is the most popular color of the New Year, since in addition to being used in underwear, most resort to any garment of this tone, as it attracts abundance. If you want to stand out with an unusual outfit, you can wear shoes or accessories of this color.


Green calls for progress and stability, although it is also related to money. According to fashion experts, this color is part of the new collections.


Red will attract love and passion. If you use this color to welcome the New Year, you will look very sensual and elegant at the same time, and you will not go unnoticed.


Gold is synonymous with success, money and happiness. This color is also one of the favorites for the season, since in addition to making you look spectacular, it will make you triumph.


Silver will attract success in your work and love life. Not only that, since you will be the best dressed to receive the New Year, as fashion specialists assure that it will be the reign of metallic colors.


Pantone 2022, “Very Peri” or purple tones are associated with spiritual growth, being the color with the greatest trend of the season, making those who wear it look daring and intriguing.


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