As a philanthropist or aspiring one, the goal is to have a positive impact on the planet that we all call home. However, with all the problems that we see, it can feel like your work is simply a drop in the ocean. “Will my donation be significant in helping the many refugees running away from their countries because of war and Hunger?” This is one example of questions that they keep asking, but we must say that philanthropy is complex and all that you need is picking an area of interest and the input will go a long way in helping others. 

In this post, we take a closer look at the main areas of focus that you can target with your philanthropic work for the greatest impact. 

How to Identify a Good Area of Focus 

To be sure of making a greater impact with your philanthropic work, it is important to start by identifying an area of interest. You might also want to work with experts to help with identifying areas that require more attention. The good thing with using experts is that the work of giving and the impacts are focused on with greater scrutiny to guarantee better results. Here are four main questions that you should ask when looking for an area of target with philanthropy: 

  • What are your values? What about the beliefs?
  • What are you accountable for?
  • How do you work with the subjects?
  • What is your view of a better world?

Top Three Areas of Philanthropy to Target for More Impacts

As you select the area of interest, it is important to also put more focus on the impact. Particularly, the structures that are used to provide your support should be clear and easy to evaluate. Let’s highlight the main areas of interest for philanthropy

  • Pandemic Preparedness

When COVID-19 broke out, it caused huge suffering to people across the globe. The bigger challenge was that people were less prepared to handle this type of disaster. Now, institutions are building capacity to help prepare for the next pandemic. To avoid similar suffering, perhaps of a more deadly pandemic, it is prudent to direct our efforts in preparing our systems. 

You can support institutions and laboratories that are doing studies on pandemics to ensure that when the next one strikes, the suffering will be minimal. You can identify institutions that are working on such worthy causes and support them both at home and away.

  • Support for Refugees Displaced from their Homes 

Every time we go to sleep, the rest gives us time to rejuvenate and have a good time with family and friends. However, there are others who do not have that chance. They find themselves displaced from their homes because of war, which they have nothing to do with. Take the example of the people displaced by war in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia, among other countries. 

Your helping hand can go a long way in alleviating the suffering of these people. The mothers and young children in refugee camps or lands away from home are all crying for a helping hand. So, this is an excellent area of focus where you can have a huge impact. 

  • Promote Education and  Support for Mental Health among Children 

Many are times that children suffer from mental and other health conditions because they are not understood well. Often, people think they are still growing up and would outgrow their problems, but they often end up getting worse. Common conditions include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and depression. By supporting programs that help improve the health of the children, you will be contributing towards improving the future generation. 

Adrian Cheng, the general manager of New World Development, started the program to help promote the mental well-being of children aged 3-11 years during the COVID-19 period. The company has now partnered with research facilities and non-governmental organizations to advance the assistance for kids’ mental health. 

As you can see, there are many areas of interest that you can venture into and make a huge impact through philanthropy. Remember that no matter the area, it should help you achieve what you believe in. Also, make sure to assess the results after commencing philanthropic work. 


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