No matter what kind of corporate event you are planning, the venue is a major piece of the planning puzzle. Your venue needs to be perfect as it sets the right vibe for the event, therefore it should be practical, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Because of taking care of these factors, picking the right corporate event to be a little overwhelming. To ease your task here are some tips that will help you in choosing a corporate event venue, and have a smooth and memorable event…

Go for a space that fits your agenda

Corporate events could be anything such as a conference, product launch, success party, award ceremony and so on. Therefore, you should look for a venue that fits your agenda. Check out their layout and see if the size of the venue matches your requirement. A smaller venue can make the event look crowded and if you have a bigger space and you have 100% attendance then it will feel half empty, and your event will lose its mojo. There are some corporate hotel properties such as Udman, Panchsheel FNP Venues that cater to such requirements and offer the best of services.

Accessibility should be prioritised

Trust us, if a venue isn’t accessible for all, then it’s a lost cause for some. You have to be considerate towards all your attendees, sponsors, guests and staff and be sure that everyone can navigate the space with ease and this also including those with special needs. There are most of the event spaces have already taken this into consideration. While looking out for each venue, make sure the venue manager shows you how their space is accessible to everyone.

Give attention to acoustics

The acoustics of your venue has more impact on your event than you might realize. Even the aesthetics are important and a tiled floor might look cool but can impact the sound. After the music starts playing there are chances that your guests may find themselves shouting in order to hear each other which may create an uncomfortable, frustrating and exhausting situation.

We would recommend you to attend one live event there so that you can listen to the music played over the speakers and keep in mind that a bunch of people and props will affect the sound.

Check out the venue’s reviews and testimonials

Do your research properly. It’s always helpful to ask planners who have hosted events in the same space. Input from a trusted planner is as good as gold. You can even check out their google reviews to see what others have to say about the venue.

Understand all the fees and charges

There are some venues that offer a flat rate, with all incidentals included in one price. On the other hand, there are some vendors that tack on additional fees. Therefore, before booking your space, make sure you have a clear understanding of each line item. Discuss with the venue manager and explain that you don’t want any budget surprises. For example, are taxes included? How about Wi-Fi? We strongly recommend creating a checklist of everything the venue is willing to offer and be sure to understand the price of each, and when and how the costs will appear on your invoice before handing over your deposit.

Choose a location suited for transportation

If you are planning a local event, then you should go for a venue that is within a reasonable distance of your prospective attendees’ residence or working place. Such a location will have better footfall at your event. If a large number of your guests will be travelling from out of town, then you should give attention to the accessibility to the airport and hotels are important. Is your venue close to public transportation? Try to maintain a goal of keeping your attendees comfortable. If public transportation is not an option then consider arranging shuttles or car services, and be sure to provide all relevant information beforehand.

Go for a venue that fits your brand

Your event should represent the idea of your brand, and the venue is no exception. While looking at venues, imagine where you want the check-in area, where you want the signage display, or where an interactive social media wall might be placed. You need to make sure the venue is the right space to make a connection with your attendees so you can build brand loyalty.

Food & beverage accommodations

Food and beverages are usually an important part of an event, and you want to be sure that the space can accommodate your needs. You can ask the venue team whether they have in-house catering or you can bring one of your favourites. If you’re planning to serve alcohol, don’t forget to ensure that the venue has the proper license or if you have to arrange one.

Try to make a sustainable effort

Sustainable event planning is one of the important things nowadays. If sustainability is important to you, then you should talk to your venue managers about their green practices, including recycling, energy and water conservation. There are chances that your Chances your attendees care about the environment, and they’ll appreciate a venue and host that share their values. Therefore, you should also give special attention to it.

We hope this helps!


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