We tend to think of ourselves in terms of the music genres we most enjoy listening to. And that’s precisely why, when you come across an artist like The Real McKoy, you kinda have to start questioning just who you are. Because this guy is such a versatile, clever artist, that he manages to combine several different styles on his latest album, the insanely popular “The Mack Too”.

“The Mack Too”, which takes its name from the 1970s classic blaxploitation film “The Mack” (starring Richard Pryor and Max Julien), is a fascinating musical feat. part love song, part rap, all about that soulful, rich portrayal of the human spirit – that’s how we’d describe “The Mack Too”.

On the one hand, you’ve got tracks like “Love U All the Time”, which is just such a fun sort of love song that you feel. You recognize yourself in the lyrics, and even see parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. It’s a great track that delves into the complex nature of love, as well as the intricate relationships between love and faith.

Then, you’ve got tunes like “The Cowboy Way” or “Chicky Boom” which are undeniably cheeky and ecstatic. The sort of song that fills you with energy and guts, but also gets you pondering the deeper questions of life. It’s astonishing how close these come to showing us the real Real McKoy. Born Jeremy Mckoy in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the artist’s background as a mental health therapist shines through the tunes. You can sense the deft hand with which the Real McKoy put together each track, carefully penning the lyrics and setting them against a musical background to subtly accentuate all the right notes.

Songs like “Mama’s Theme” and “Let’s Groove” provide the atmosphere, but also interestingly enough, the soulful underlayer of the album, making this one of the most complex, and delectable musical releases of 2022.

“The Mack Too” is definite proof that this wonderful, colorful artist will go far, in his musical career. ‘Cause the Real McKoy is the sort of artist who can deliver a stunningly beautiful track, while also teaching you a thing or two about yourself. And that’s rare.


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