1. Classic tapered trousers

Let’s start with the classics: for your attention – elegant slightly tapered trousers of a calm cut, of which there are many among the new products of fashion brands. Trousers can be of traditional length or slightly elongated – the second option is more suitable for combination with shoes with heels.

2. Classic wide leg pants

The second calm trend is, again, a classic: wide enough straight-cut trousers. This is one of the versatile models that can be combined with both formal jackets or blazers, as well as more relaxed knitwear.

3. Flared trousers

Various flares are still with us. The trend suggests different options: for example, a wide flare from the beginning of the thigh, a more moderate flare from the middle of the thigh, or models that are fitted on top, flared from the knee.

4. Corduroy flared trousers

We should also mention wide and flared corduroy trousers. The popularity of this comfortable and at the same time noble material is another indicator of the 1970s fashion that reigns now. And the corduroy trousers, relevant in the coming season, bring to mind the models that were worn half a century ago: a comfortable fit and a flare from the beginning or mid-thigh.

5. Extra wide trousers with pleats at the waist

An interesting trend for those who love unusual and spectacular things: very wide trousers with pleats at the waist. Perhaps, for wet autumn or winter weather, such models are not very practical, but you can save a similar pair, for example, for some special occasion.

6. Cropped skinny pants

Another trend that is not the first season with us is tight cropped trousers. They are also good solo, for example, in combination with knitwear, and as part of a trouser suit. With the onset of cold weather, boots with a high bootleg, fitting the ankle, are well suited to such models.

7. Cropped wide leg pants

Another interesting trend: cropped wide-leg trousers. Probably, this length can be compared with the midaxi length popular now for skirts and dresses, which is a cross between midi and maxi. Such models are obviously shorter than the traditional length of trousers, but still not so short as to confidently call them culottes: it turns out unusual and interesting.

8. Trousers, tapered from top to bottom

Another model close to the classics, which is not going to leave the lists of the current, is trousers, free in the width of the leg and smoothly tapered downward. This cut is very versatile and good because it is able to visually correct figure flaws, while emphasizing the waist.


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