Tote Bags

When it comes to handbags, I like to keep my eye on trends that outlast several cycles to become a classic. This is what I’ve seen in tote bags. They’ve outlasted the social media trend cycle speed and settled into the shoulders of women and men all over the world. Now, they are known as a comfortable, versatile and useful bag to add to your collection. 

If you’re in the market to get a tote bag for yourself, but aren’t sure which style to buy, or where it should be taken, this is the guide for you. 

Luxury, Class and Sophistication: Designer Tote Bags

A designer tote bag is one that must have pieces of arm candy that encompasses everything a designer handbag should be. It uses an enduring style and elevates it to be practical and polished. The designer tote is a bag that will last long enough to see itself become a family heirloom without gathering dust in your wardrobe. It’s a trusted bag style that is more elevated to bring you more from your investment.

I got my lux Neverfull from the official Louis Vuitton Australia website, navigated to their tote bags for women section, made the purchase and it was done. It’s really that easy. Just make sure you love the bag you buy, or make sure it can be resold at a great value. 

Durable, Functional and Wise: Leather Tote Bag

Leather has been used in the past to make all sorts of things, but throughout time bags have become the most common. Leather has proven quality, durability and a polished look that makes it just the most timeless choice on the market. It is this strength that makes leather practical for an everyday bag. When you buy genuine leather, you are buying quality, durability and sustainability alongside an easy to maintain material. All you need to do is wipe the bag clean to remove accumulated dirt, and condition it with the appropriate mediums.

The uses: This bag can be used to elevate anywhere you’d want to use more minimal shopping bags. They are great for daily use, and travelling and can even go with you to work. 

Simple, Minimal and Useful: Canvas Tote Bags

Using plastic is no longer a viable future, this is because times are changing and bans on plastic are increasing. So the old faithful canvas shopping bag is making a comeback, only now it’s much better than it was years ago. This style of bag is now the peak of a trend, it’s all the rage in fashion and is something that is supposed to be useful, while also being very minimal.

By carrying a canvas tote bag, you are saying less about style and more about your stance on mindfulness and fashion. I turn to these tote bags for shopping mostly, whether it be the weekly grocery shop, or to pass over the counter at the clothing boutique, so I don’t have to take another plastic bag home. But beware, canvas totes are not made to be durable, so you may need more than one on the go at any time. On top of this, they rarely have the pockets or the structure of other materials, so you may be rummaging often.

The uses: You can take this anywhere casual looks are welcome. Such as shopping, a picnic, carrying your lunch to work, or the gym. 

Vibrant, Stylish and Unique: Graphic Tote Bags

Now, a canvas tote bag may be cute, but they aren’t interesting. They are made to be minimal, and not too noisy and they succeed at that. But a graphic tote? When you have a graphic tote you’re making a statement about who you are and what you believe in, or maybe even where you’ve been.

The uses: you can use these everywhere you’d’ wear a canvas tote, but they often have more to say. When travelling you can find these at gift shops and then use them on the plane to carry excess. 


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