Regardless of the occasion, different Flowers Used in Bouquets are always perfect. It provides a timeless gift for all occasions from graduation to birthdays that feels kind, class, and a sense of beauty to your day. Different flowers deliver different emotions and messages, and it’s up to you to select the right flowers according to the message you want to provide. The best thing is that there are many flower varieties available to select from when creating a bouquet. Here is a look at the common types of flowers used in bouquets.


These are the most common types of flowers used in creating bouquets. The best thing about them is that they come in different colors, depicting different meanings and making it easier to express feelings. For example, the red rose bouquet serves as a perfect gift to confess your love to your loved one, while yellow roses are perfect for showing friendship.


Most people are amazed by the beauty of orchids which make the flowers commonly used in bouquets. The flowers have more than 20,000 species that serve to give different meanings. If you need them for any occasion, Jurong florist offers beautiful freshly handpicked and prepared orchid bouquets, including any other flower type, with on-time delivery. Orchids express your gentle feelings and are highly appreciated by most people on different occasions.


Daffodils feature unmatched beauty and hence are one of the most preferred in making flower bouquets. They are available in different varieties and are one of the recurring flower types. This is why most people love giving Daffodil flower bouquets on special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.


Gerbera flowers are beautiful and come in different colors. Each gerbera variety signifies a different meaning, such as purity, innocence, and cheerfulness. Hence, most florists love using gerbera to make bouquets for other occasions. Colorful gerbera bouquets add more charm to different celebrations and help to signify a stronger relationship.


Different peony shades are used to create attractive bouquets for uniquely expressing your feelings. These types of flowers commonly symbolize fortune, romance, prosperity, and more. You can send a bouquet of peonies to newly wedded couples to wish them a happy life.


Lily is also among the most popular flowers worldwide. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. If you want to deliver the feeling of passion, you can opt for an orange lily bouquet. You can also use a bouquet of white lilies to show modesty. Lily flowers are used primarily to symbolize humility and devotion.


Carnations are a type of special flower that effectively express emotions of affection, love, and gratitude. They are hence perfect to surprise someone you love to give them a special feeling. This flower symbolizes deep affection and love and therefore makes an ideal bouquet to impress your loved ones.


These are the most common types of flowers used in bouquets for different meanings. This is why it is best to order flowers via florist services rather than preparing your bouquet. Jurong florists know the type of flowers perfect for your intended message, is much more convenient, and will help you in putting together the best blooms rather than grabbing any flower.


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