It started in New York. The pregnant model walked the Wiederhooft show wearing a gold satin crop top and lace-trimmed miniskirt, with a gold spiral covering her belly. It was an unexpected entry into the fantasy world of Jackson Wiederhoft. In London, Dimitra Petsa dressed a pregnant model in a draped Greek dress and presented mother and daughter in matching bathing suits.

Moms wait a minute? I was half joking with my colleague. (I had a baby at the beginning of January, so the topic is the most important) Later, at the Cormio exhibition in Milan, a carriage with a painting of a mother duck and a duckling in a pond. Around the neck is a T-shirt that says, “Motherhood: The only place you live.” You can experience heaven and hell at the same time. Sorry for the mess… children create memories. 3 is trending, I told myself. But when the Paris show comes around and Demna sends the mud-waddling Balenciaga youth into a carrier (with an animatronic baby inside), there’s something new at work, I couldn’t deny it.

It didn’t come out of nowhere. Known for his utopian, creepy, apocalyptic and futuristic visions, designer Marine Serre sent an air-purifying mask emblazoned with the logo to an exhibition in Paris in February 2020. “For me, a fashion show should make me feel like I’m sitting on a park bench where I see a piece of life,” she explained in an email. It’s part of everyday life and we always want to bring it in. In her spring 2023 collection, the pink jacquard moon and diamond print look was family-friendly. . Having just received the New Designer of the Year award from the CFDA Awards, Elena Veles often refers to motherhood as a starting point for her collections. For her fall 2022 show, the final look was a sheer black maxi dress with a teardrop-shaped neckline that extended from her chest to just below her navel. His model held in one hand an infant wrapped in a pleated black cloth. Her spring 2023 collection featured her signature corset details, belly-baring cutouts, and caged breasts under buckles and straps. There were no pregnant bodies or babies on the podium (although Julia Fox sat in the hall with her young son), but the mother was certainly present. This is the record of femininity that I have experienced in the world,” she wrote in an email. This week.

Most interesting is the fact that the designers who deal with these issues are often young and their work exists outside the status quo, from a perspective that explores a decidedly unconventional aesthetic. Seeing these designers stick to “traditional family values” is the last thing anyone would expect from them, but that’s why it makes sense for them to explore it. Few things have historically gone out of fashion more than mothers and fathers. If this generation has reimagined and reimagined the notion of good taste and bad taste to make dad’s sneakers and mom’s jeans cool, then why not the very concept of motherhood?


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