You won’t hear the word “resort” coming out of Marcus Wainwright’s mouth. Rag & Bone is a reminder that it is woven into the everyday realities of its clients, as highlighted in this season’s behind-the-scenes lookbook. Wainwright himself captured the images, but at least two of them show models taking mirror selfies. In one photo, he wears a double-breasted jacket instead of a dress over sheer tights and biker boots. Another model combines faded black jeans, a rough wool coat, and a black leather biker jacket cut to accentuate the flare of the thigh for a versatile shoe.

Tailoring is the basis of this collection. Early spring styles include flared styles from the 1970s and 1990s, with sheer jackets and high-waisted pants at the front. The lavender two-piece looks like an understated version of the circa-1995 Gucci suit made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow. A modest blazer with copper buttons is paired with skinny or baggy jeans.

Holiday parties are part of the client’s routine this time of year, so she has an off-the-shoulder bodycon dress in faux leather or velvet (worn over fine knits for office cool). Pair it with a devoré slip dress and cut-out leggings for another ’90s challenge. Team Rag & Bone is still far from mini length, showcasing suede dresses with wrap mini skirts and hip sashes.

The men’s collection has significantly fewer suits and the casual line lacks jackets. From leather aviators and biker jackets to quilted blankets, it’s the perfect versatile piece for the post-pandemic moment when differences in dress code matter more than ever. Additionally, the women’s line features a leopard-print cardigan that complements a zebra-striped sweater.


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