Portrait of Karine Augis, founding father of her eponymic label The creator attracts United States into her Karine Augis daring universe of graphic ability, at the carrefour of art and decoration, combining colourful gammas in coated canvas, forming a French whole that has been chop-chop growing with its commitment to ability and ability since its creation in 2019. with boldness adaptive the fields of graphic style and therefore the codes of animal skin product, the designer’s commitment to property fashion associated her warmheartedness for lovely materials have enabled her to develop her own raw material: associate environmentally friendly coated canvas, solvent-free, PVC- free and phthalates-free, building the manner towards associate eco-responsible path. Respecting the French ability of “maroquinerie”, all premium coated canvases area unit created in France, completely designed by the designer herself. Offering essential items of baggage and accessories for her initial assortment, the art-deco-inspired vision permits her to form unaltered models for girls, seeking each practicality and magnificence. one amongst her distinguished baggage is that the Overflow carryall with associate art-deco-influenced symbol, the brand’s word emblem. refined and unaltered , its size and removable pouch area unit designed for utility and a daily “chic spirit” look. With several adjustable and removable parts, the tote baggage and evening baggage will take several shapes and adapt to a specific occasion. Having practicality joined of the core values, the accent line came to life, with govt pouches and glasses cases for everyday class. Committed to a lot of property fashion, the whole distinguishes itself by making its own stuff, an environmentally friendly coated canvas. Printing, dispensed with inks that aren’t harmful to the setting (zero solvents). The coating canvas meets the REACH customary and is freed from parts that area unit venturesome to health and therefore the setting (PVC-free, solvent-free, phthalate-free). All our animal skin product area unit created in Europe. Resolutely up to date, the whole is distinguished by its exclusive creations. It proposes a graphic universe of its own and offers stylish and galvanized collections for girls in search of fashion and utility. Each piece is fastidiously thought out, created with top quality materials: Premium coated canvas, supple and light-weight, combined with the selection of quality animal skin for its finishes, provides our line of animal skin product impeccable support and exceptional comfort.


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