Like many of his peers Lorenzo Serafini is striving to find the right balance of practicality and fun that our reemergence requires. Yes, there’s a logo hoodie, but in Philosophy’s Milan showroom he paired it with a tulle skirt. A couple of other looks combined a spiffy jacket or coat with retro tracksuits.

Serafini spent Italy’s early lockdown in the countryside, and even as life returns to its normal rhythms he’s still craving that escape. “You still want to keep a bit of that sensation, at least me, so I tend to leave the city on the weekend,” he said. “I really feel the need to stay in nature instead of being surrounded again by crowds.” The collection reflects that instinct. The tailoring and the sweats aside, its recurring motif is flowers and they have a sweet, cheering effect on everything from an intarsia cardigan that he paired with low-waisted jeans to a party dress with 1950s-ish proportions.

Given the practical-to-fun requirements of this season, the collection covers a lot of ground. Serafini’s freshest idea is a jumpsuit with a ruffled neckline and flaring pants cut from floral-printed plissé tulle. For all their popularity, the fit on jumpsuits can be hard to get right. This one is light and comfortable; it looks dressed up but it wears easily, a best of both worlds situation


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