In our ongoing effort to keep our loyal readership up to date with everything going on in the latest Fast & Furious sequel (number ten, if you’re keeping score), we’re excited to introduce you to some of the most unexpected cast members. news you’re likely to see this week: According to our countrymen Stop the Press of the ever-loving Variety Show, legendary actor, the brilliant and beautiful Rita Moreno (West Side Story, Flesh Knowledge), has been cast no less an acting legend. play the grandmother of action star Vin Diesel in Fast X. How did this development come about? Why did this development happen? Read on Dear regular reader, and if nothing else, we’ll at least cover the basics of this intriguing casting news.

Vin Diesel: The most famous bald actor to walk a pike since Telly Savalas shoved a lollipop into his kiss and uttered the immortal lines, “Who loves you, baby?” announced today that In the Heights star Rita Moreno has officially signed on to play her character’s grandmother in the Fast and Furious sequel, Fast X. news, not through an eloquent monologue worthy of a Bard, but through the meager resources of the social media phenomenon Instagram, where he explained that “I have always dreamed of working with Rita Moreno. The fact that I’m here playing my grandmother makes me smile in my soul; I am so blessed.”

For her part, Moreno, who appeared alongside Diesel looking as gorgeous as ever, explained that she thought her advancing years were waiting for the action star to invite her into the long-running franchise.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the filming of Fast X, both during pre-production and during filming of the film itself, was filled with drama that almost begged a seasoned journalist like Peter Biskind to let it go. it’s old Underwood and behind the scenes writing a hell of a story about everything. After Diesel’s very awkward offer to Dwayne Johnson to return to the series (the Rock’s request was denied), the producer chose Jason Momoa and Brie Larson to star in the film. Moreno joins the cast just after the film loses a director. So yes, there is a lot of drama in these hills.


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