Off-White has partnered with Helinox, known for its lightweight portable furniture, to launch the Off-White Equipment c/o Helinox Collection.

Described as the brainchild of Off-White founder and creative director Virgil Abloh, who died in 2021, the collaboration spans apparel, accessories and furnishings to redefine “functionality, radical silhouettes and unexpected details.”

The association with Off-White began in 2020 when Abloh approached the Post Archive Faction (PAF) to create a sportswear collection. In response, the Korean team proposed creating multi-dimensional safe zones for human survival, covering clothing, tools, and spaces. To bring this vision to life and bring the project to life, Off-White and PAF have partnered with Helinox and Swiss Army knife maker Victorinox. from the Renaissance to the origins of modernism and contemporary postmodernism, reinterpreting symbolic motifs and evolutionary designs, including the infamous Adam and Eve fig leaf.

Highlights include the lightweight and compact Helinox Sunset chair and One Hard Top Large table, crafted in black fabric on a metal frame trimmed with black vine leaves. There is also an Off-White faction c/o Post Archive with a Victorinox razor and an Equipment Stone, a 3D printed sculpted gray stone with the word “Equipment”. Helinox said in a statement: “This incredible project with Off-White has been a major study for us and demonstrates the breadth of how people perceive art, fashion, utility and nature.

“The Helinox brand is a canvas, both in terms of expressing style and how people use our products for pleasure in a wide variety of settings. We are honored to partner with this group of people and brands and bring this project to life.”

The Off-White gear collection by c/o Helinox is now available in stores and on the Off-White website and Farfetch.


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