The Studio Vibrations Collection is handmade in natural materials with a colorful spring vibe, designed in creative settings. When I begin designing a new collection, I often start on blank paper in a calm atmosphere to make room for new ideas and vibrations. I love to design and craft in a personal and creative studio, with dreamy colors and a joyful atmosphere. My studio is messy and colorful and full of inspiration gathered from everywhere. This could be a mug with a lovely color combination, a stone with a stunning surface, or a string of pearls in playful shapes.

Spring equals new beginnings and lively, vibrant nature with amazing colors and a sense of optimism and hope. The pulsing energy in the beginning of the year is hard not to fall in love with, no wonder so much poetry is written about this season. When everything is light, vibrant and energetic, there is growth for exciting ideas and new ways to shape your life.

Spring is coming – just like our Studio Vibrations collection, where all jewelry is thought through down to the smallest details. The colors are dreamy, the styles are handmade, the vibe is joyful, and the materials are natural.

Inspired by the vibrant spring I designed a jewelry collection with eye- catching yet basic styles. Influenced by the bright blue sky and appealing light colors, I used pearls, enamel, zirconia, small colorful beads, and light blue aventurines. These colorful materials have created an uplifting sense of hope and joy. There is, for sure a piece for everyone in the Studio Vibrations Collection from ENAMEL Copenhagen.


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