Meat slicers, overall, area unit pretty easy. you wish a decent motor, sensible blades, and a durable frame and that’s regarding it for the fundamentals. the remainder is gravy, with any warranties or nice very little extras adding quality and supplying you with a lot of bang for your buck.

Meat slicers Blades

Blades are available sizes usually between seven inches and fourteen inches, with the typical for a decent meat slicers being around ten inches. you wish one that may support swapping out for each swish and serrate blades reckoning on what you’re doing.

Hand in hand in many ways with the blades is that the receptacle, set within the center, meant to catch the meat slicers

and forestall it from throw off into the nice blue yonder. Trays may also be up to fourteen inches on the average, and you ought to confirm you get a receptacle that matches the biggest size of what you wish to chop, as trays cannot usually be swapped out even on the simplest machines. For compound you’ll be able to like better to select those hammer-like room tool.


You’re trying to find associate absolute minimum of 1/3 H.P., or 240 watts of power output from your motor, as this may offer you bigger performance. a lot of H.P. suggests that cutting a lot of things quicker, as well as slicing meat (which must be frozen) or cheese (which is astonishingly troublesome to cut).

Trying to chop one thing with a weak motor could lead on to sudden motor burnout.

Also listen to the internals. whereas gears area unit sensible, and usually last an extended time, once broken they’re associate absolute nightmare to repair or replace. a decent belt gets exhausted a lot of faster, to be sure, however loses no performance and simply|is definitely|is well} replaced with even a basic understanding of however the motor works (and hump yourself repair tutorials area unit easily found).


Basically you wish a durable steel or forged atomic number 13 frame, steel blades, and thick rubber stops on the feet. That’s it, for the foremost half.

When viewing belts and gears, nylon could be a and. Nylon gears area unit terribly reliable and long lasting.

A good meat slicer ought to last you years, even decades if well maintained. confirm it uses materials and construction techniques which will allow you to keep it running properly all that point.


Price starts low ($50 for low finish models) however will quickly rise to many hundred for premium grade meat slicers. there’s primarily no higher limit to the evaluation for industrial grade models, however we’ll usually be steering far from those for the foremost half, because the quality of economic models ad whether or not their worth is worthwhile goes to rely entirely on the business you’re running.

If you discover yourself cutting a great deal of terribly powerful meats, this is often a good budget meat slicer. It’s a coffee worth (in the ballpark vary of the Gourmia model above), with a median sized (7.5 inches) blade and a awfully nice receptacle. it’s sensible on a tabletop, with a sleek black coloring on the silver of the receptacle and blade.

This feature doesn’t issue abundantly into my analysis, however invariably value noting that associate appliance won’t build your room look worse.

The body could be a durable die forged atomic number 13 which might last you a awfully while. If there’s some reasonably accident, it’s a fairly sensible one year pledge hooked up thereto.

The serrate blade goes to be the important deciding issue on whether or not you wish this or not. It makes this slicer considerably less sensible at slicing soft meats; it’s doubtless to disparage lunchmeats and something softer you place ahead of it instead of slice.

Whether you wish or want the serrate blade is that the real build or break of this unit. You’re paying a touch additional over the Gourmia for the privilege, and it doesn’t do a lot of of the rest special, save have a touch of additional power (it puts out a hundred and eighty watts, giving it a touch a lot of cutting force for those more durable meats).


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