Chinese design label Marrknull presented a whimsical collection during London Fashion Week, inspired by the human relationship with water through the creation of a fantasy world revolving around summer.

The surreal line merges deconstructed formal wear with sports attire and swimming equipment, creating pieces that represent the brand’s collision philosophy. The brand, known for its fun conceptual themes and anti-fashion fashion attitude, aims to show a new perspective of clothing functionality by removing traditional structures and silhouettes.

This collection focuses on different states people enter during swimming, implementing exaggerated swimming floats and showerheads into the designs. Reinterpreted nose clips, goggles and earplugs, made in collaboration with Yvmin, make up the unusual accessory choices, while wringing and wrinkled clothing further reference the theme.

Some particularly eye-catching pieces include a deconstructed shower curtain circling the body of the model. Other looks come adorned in cut crystal beads reminiscent of water droplets falling down the body.

“Mass-produced industrial products and baroque patterns with aristocratic symbols are integrated to break the boundary of different layers and present the mutual integration of different beauty,” the brand said on the designs.

Alternating techniques revolved around fabrics sewn in various directions, structured folding and textured material, each enhancing the exploration of new possibilities in daily wear and the formation of a new female image that the design house looked to achieve.


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