Are you tired of the same old bridal lehengas that are available to brides-to-be? And are you looking for something modern, an ethnic fusion perfect for D-Day? Then a cape style jacket or wedding lehenga is the right choice for you. These cape-style lehengs will give you a lot of functionality and will definitely make it easy for fashionable brides of the 21st century to choose them for a winter wedding.

Before we continue, let’s look at their specific origins and styles.

Origin of Bridal Lehengas Jacket

The lehengas jacket or cape is for brides who want to look unique, sophisticated and modern. As a result of innovations in traditional lehengas, the lehengas jacket or cape is the most popular and fashionable style this wedding season. If you have ever heard of lacha lehenga, then this was the beginning of the lehenga jacket or cape. Originally, the lehenga bridal cape or jacket was inspired by the lacha lehenga and was one of the most popular bridal garments in Punjab and Pakistan.

Why choose bridal lehenga cape?

Lehengas jackets are currently a recent trend due to their embellishments to create stunning bridal wear. Some unique features make everyone prefer this great outfit over others:

 The long lehenga jacket is suitable for all body types, as it beautifully hides all imperfections, emphasizing the silhouette.

 Due to its diverse nature, the dress can be used for both the wedding celebration and the reception.

 Can be tailored and customized as desired.

 They can be simple and elegant or decorated with striking ornaments.

 They are available in a wide range of elegant fabrics such as silk, satin, crepe, mesh, chiffon, georgette and brocade.

 They are comfortable to use, transport and handle.

Difference Between Traditional Lehengas Jacket and Modern Lehengas

The traditional lehenga dress consists of three parts: a long, flowing skirt paired with a small blouse or choli, and a dupatta that exposes the back and midriff. However, the jacket-style lehenga consists of a longer blouse or kurti that covers the back and midriff. The length of the kurti is usually up to the hips. Over time, innovation and modernity bring some changes to the traditional jacket-style lehengs.

With a constantly changing trend, they come in different styles, fabrics depending on the needs and the work to be done. The stunning lehenga jacket consists of a flowing skirt paired with a matching or contrasting color jacket, exquisitely embroidered with zari, stones, sequins, and beads. The dupatta, or veil, is made of mesh or lightweight chiffon.

Modern Cape Lehenga design for future brides!

Here we bring you the most stunning jacket style bridal lehengas that are simply irresistible. From simple and elegant to OTT and rugged styles, these stylish Indo Western-inspired jackets are designed for the modern bride-to-be:

 Lehenga floor touch jacket

 If you are a bride-to-be, this stunning lehenga-style jacket that will hit the floor is perfect for your D-Day. The beautiful lehengs are available in a wide range of fabrics like velvet, mesh, silk, etc. and in different colors. The jacket is decorated with heavy embroidery or zardozi. Adorned with heavy embroidery, this stunning, beautifully tailored long lehenga bridal jacket is every bride’s dream of a winter lehenga.

 Open Front Royal Brocade Lehenga Jacket

The royal brocade short lehenga jacket with open front is what the young fashionista is drooling over. This dazzling wedding dress is perfect for fashion-conscious brides who want to blend tradition with modernity.

 Short Lehenga Bridal Jacket

Want to add some modern yet traditional touches to your wedding lehenga? Then this attractive short lehenga bridesmaid jacket is the right choice for you. The stunning outfit is done in bright colors and the dress is beautifully embellished with heavy embroidery, zardozi, or stonework.

 Jacket with peplum and short sleeves Lehengas

Brighten up your winter wedding with this beautiful short waist raw silk bridal jacket and keep out the cold at the same time. The peplum style looks luxurious and elegant at the same time. You can choose a fashionable peplum style lehenga according to your preferences.

 Heavily embellished Lehenga-style jacket

When it comes to Indian brides who love the lehenga of their dreams, no amount of embellishment is enough. A highly embellished lehengas bridal jacket is perfect for a big Indian winter wedding. Fine embroidery, sequins, and fine stonework add glamor to this Maharani-inspired lehenge.


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