Following the crackdown on the network of fraudulent forex and binary options companies operated by mega-scammers Avi Itzkovich and Jack Wygodski in May 2021, more and more witness testimonails and reports are being uncovered. These reports and testimonies shed further light into the extent of the fraudulent activities conducted by Wygodski, Itzkovich and their partners and employees:

Reinhold– TraderVC emptied his Trading Account

Reinhold wrote on that his request for partial withdrawal was denied after he made some profit trading on their platform. After ignoring 12 of his messages, their customer support staff informed him that he’d have to trade 12 times the initial deposit amount to process his withdrawal. His account was emptied before all 12 trades went through.

Hecweb–Transferred over from Tradorax to TraderVc

Hecweb wrote that he was transferred over to TraderVC by a trader formerly with the Tradorax team. He got no response from their support staff or anyone over at TraderVC when he asked for the trader, and the man in question refused to respond to emails, skype calls, or phone calls. Hecweb can’t seem to contact him to set up a withdrawal for his account with his former broker. Several other victim reports and reviews also came from Trustpilot, one of the premier organization review forums on the internet.

Here’s what some of TraderVC victims testimonials about TraderVC.

Kanta Patel – Why is TraderVC allowed to Trade

Kanta Patel starts his review with a powerful phrase that captures the frustration of victims at the time: “Not sure why this company is allowed to trade”. He invested money with TraderVc, and when it was time to withdraw, his trader told him he had to invest several thousand more before accessing his money. Kanta had to research chargebacks, section 75, and seek legal counsel before getting his money back. On a final note, he encourages other reviewers to get their money back the same way he did.

Mr. Prakash– TraderVC is the Worst Company to Work With

Mr.Prakash Darji dubbed the company the worst to work within his review. Like dozens of other investors before him, he was pushed to invest more as soon as he started making money and robbed of his earnings when he tried to process a withdrawal.

“They will straight away invest in losing shares,” he wrote. They tanked Mr. Prakash’s account before his eyes while they kept their commissions just to get out of paying him.

Mr.Prakash and many of the other victims of TraderVC and the Rax Media Boiler room network still haven’t recovered a lot of their lost investments.


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