At its most basic, a vape pen is just a pen-shaped device that holds cannabis oil or concentrates, as the name suggests. Many people like vape pens because they are easy to use, discreet, and don’t take up much space. THC Vape pen can be utilized more than once or thrown away, and there’s a type for every budget.

When you draw on the vape as a user, all you get out is vapor: no mess, no ash, no problem. There’s no need to roll and light a joint, and you don’t have to worry about a dank smell while smoking or after you’re done. You also don’t have to stress about where to put the rest of your joint.

Just put the vape pen back in your pocket or purse, and you’re done. Let’s understand how to use a vape pen effectively.

How to use a Vape Pen?

Before you start, make sure your vape pen is fully charged. If your battery’s mAh rating is high, it will take longer to charge fully, but it will last longer. For a vape pen with a button, you must quickly click the power button five times to turn it on or off. To vape, you have to press the button while you take a breath in. If you press it too soon, the vapor might get too hot.

There are no buttons on the vape pen that works when you draw on it. Most of the time, they have a cut-off time of 10 seconds. If you use one of these vape pens for more than 10 seconds, it turns off automatically.

Some vape pens have extra features like preheating and a mode where the voltage can change. You can change the voltage with three quick clicks, shown by different colored LED lights. You should look at the manual to determine how much voltage your vape device can handle. The ideal manner of doing this is to start with low settings and slowly increase.

There are several kinds of vape pens available in the market.

Follow the directions

When you put your vape pen’s battery on charge, read the manual to find out how to utilize it, take care of it, and clean it so it works well. Also, remember what you read about changing the coil, atomizers, etc.

Run your vape pen dry

Before you load your vape pen, put it together the way the manufacturer tells you to. Set it for 30 to 60 seconds at its highest temperature. This way, any leftovers from the manufacturing process will be burned away, leaving you with a pure vape.

Put your stuff on and use

There are different ways to load each kind of material. Follow these steps based on the material you’ve chosen.

With e-liquid

There are two categories of e-liquid vape pens. DTL & MTL. DTL pens make bigger, denser clouds because they let in more air, while MTL pens are more likely to make you want to smoke because they have a tighter draw. Most vape pens today have coils that can be changed out and refilled.

You can choose how much nicotine to put in them and what flavor e-juice to put in them. It can even be used with THC vape oils in many different flavors. First, fill the tank of your vape pen with the liquid of your choice. However, don’t fill it too much. Start with a small puff and let it out quickly. Wait for 5 to 10 mins for the coil to prime.

Ensure your battery-powered vape is off before putting it in your pocket. Don’t hold it in for too long. Take a break between puffs to see how it makes you feel. When the flavor starts to go away, you should change the coil.

With oil cartridges

Vape pens often get used with THC and CBD oil cartridges. To connect it to the battery, you need to remove the rubber seal at the bottom of the oil cartridge. Then to get started. Wait a few minutes after taking a slight puff to see how it makes you feel, especially if the oil has THC.

Keep it low to avoid dry hits with a silica-wicking cartridge. Most oil carts should have between 3.3 and 3.8 volts. Most of the new cartridges have vape coils made of ceramic, which can handle high voltage without getting too hot and burning out. Some people even need a higher voltage to get a better hit.

With concentrates

THC and CBD concentrates are another choice for people who vape cannabis. They are also known as “dabs,” and they work with wax. With these dab pens, you don’t have to use a bong to smoke concentrates. Instead of wax, you can even vape CBD isolate crystals, which are much more discreet and easy to use.

Load a small quantity of concentrate into the heating chamber of a tool with tabs. Moreover, press the fire button gently to prime the coil as your material melts. Keep your finger on the fire switch and take a slight drag. Pulse the fire button while inhaling to keep the temperature from getting too high.

To figure out how THC wax makes you feel, you must wait a few minutes between puffs. With dry herb. Vape pens use heating coils that don’t work well for vaporizing dry herbs. The new vape pens of today use conduction, convection, or even both to make natural vapor.


Most of the time, THC vape pens are the best choice for people who want to try vaping THC for the first time. They don’t have to spend time rolling the joint. The ways mentioned above to use a vape pen will help you to utilize our THC vape pens safely and effectively if you are a beginner.


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