An engagement is like the trailer to a wedding ceremony that joins and binds the initial ropes of matrimony. Hence, it is an exceedingly vital part of the series of events that forms the union between two individuals and their families.

For an engagement party, the concerned parties have to prepare numerous things. Among all the essential factors, the appearance of the bride and groom matters the most. It can get owed to the fact that they are the stars of the auspicious day where all eyes will be on them continuously. Additionally, it is one of the most significant events or occasions of their lives. That is why they have to look presentable and attractive on D-day. This perfection in their look also ensures a time full of perfect memories that they can look back to and reminisce.

For the sake of the appearance, the garb of both parties needs to be appropriate and eye-catching. Here are some points that an individual can consider to get the best engagement dress.

Style of the dress

Most engagement dresses, for both men and women, are formal or semi-formal. It implies that the grooms must wear tuxedos or suits while the females, gowns. They can also get clothed in other attires that follow the culture and religion of their families.

Nevertheless, in recent times, the trends allow casual dresses and those with a mixture of ethnicities. However, they must have a few elements of the formal nature to appear decent and suitable for the occasion. 

Design of the dress

The design of an engagement dress depends entirely on the personal preferences of the wearer. It can be half-sleeved, long-sleeved, sleeveless, netted, or open neck or back. It may be round-necked or turtlenecks with varying lengths that can extend up to the knee or the ankle.

The dresses may come with intricate stitches and patterns. The most common design choice includes artistic works done on the hem or skirt of the women’s dresses and sleeves and collars of the men’s ones.

Colour of the dress

Unlike wedding dresses, the colour of engagement dresses knows no bounds. It can be green, blue, purple, yellow, and so on, of any hue. It stands true even for the groom’s garb. The dresses may have a deeper shade or a lighter one. It would primarily depend on the skin tone and preference of the wearer.

One engagement dress can have a mixture of two or more colours or be of a solid and singular one. For the latter, their intensity may change at the edges, depending on the overall dress style.

The colour of the dresses must also suit and match with the jewellery that the wearer would have on, be it a bowtie or earring. Moissanite engagement rings are a type that goes well with almost all types and styles of engagement dresses.

The fabric of the dress

The fabric of the engagement dress depends on two vital factors. They are the season of the event and the comfort of the wearer. For the ceremony occurring in summer, lighter fabric with a soft feel serves as the best choice. Since the individual has to wear the dress throughout the length of the event, it should proffer cosiness and must be easy to walk in and handle.


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