“Snapchat” is a famous application, and almost everyone uses it (especially Gen Z). The application is very famous for its communication and other features like filters SnapMap, Geotag, Streaks, and many more. Snap Streak is one of the most prominent features that is used.

Have you ever shared pictures and videos with your friends daily? Snap’s streak is similar to that. When you share pictures with your friends daily for 24 hours and then, again and again, that is the snap streak. The main thing is that at least one image needs to be shared. 

But what you should do when you lose your streak. First of all, don’t panic because most guys panic due to losing a hundred days of streaks. So do not panic and follow the steps from this article, and we hope it will help you save your streaks. 

How to Get a Lost Snap Streak Back on Snapchat

Even after having followed all Snapchat rules, if you lose the snap streak and discover that the streak has expired because of an error. Recover Snap Streak On Snapchat follow these steps:

  • Launch Snapchat and sign in with your login credentials.
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • Then, go into “support. “support” section
  • Click “I Need Help,” and after that, click on “Snap Streaks.”
  • In the section for the support, you will find “What if my Snapstreak has gone missing? “What if Snapchat streak lost?” option, after which you can click “Let us know.”
  • Select one option, “I lost my Snapstreak.”
  • Fill in the information on the form
  • To complete the form, click on the “send” or the “send” button
  • Before your streak was over, if you encountered the hourglass symbol, it is likely to represent that Snapchat will not help.

Snapchat streak lost issue, you can visit Support page:

  • Go to Snapchat Support
  • Select “Contact Us.”
  • Once you scroll down, you will see “How can we help” in the “How can we help section.” Select “I lost my Snapstreak.”
  • Along with all the necessary information, fill in the form
  • Click “send” to submit

How does Snapstreak work?

If you swap pictures or videos with your pals within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days, the snap streak begins. If you reach the threshold for streaks, you will be able to see the emojis below.

The fire emoticon After three days, the fire emoji will appear to check if you are connected to a Snapstreak.

The 100 Emoji: If you are on a continuous snap for 100 days, the 100 emoji icon will be visible.

Emoji from the mountain: For a very long time, users can look forward to seeing the mountain Emoji.

In your journey through the snap streak, you may have come upon these emojis. You may wonder what an hourglass Emoji is? It signifies that your snap streak will end or that you might lose yours in the snap streak.

Interactions that will not be counted in Snapstreak

Here is the complete listing of the interactions that will not be included during the snap streak.

Chatting: Text messages you send to your partner will not be considered in Snapstreak.

Snaps for group chats: Snaps should only be exchanged between individuals, not groups. Therefore, group chats will not be counted as snaps.

Daily stories will not also count in snap streaks, even if a friend watches them.

Glasses: Even if you are using Snapchat viewer, you will not boost snap streak.

Memories: Sharing memories will not be part of snap-stretched images.

If you do not wish to lose your snap streak, continue sharing your photos and videos on your own, not in groups.

How to get Lost Snap Streak Back | FAQ’s

Do I need to turn it into a Snapchat Help Number?

I am sorry to announce that Snapchat has no customer support number.

What should I use? Does Hourglass Emoji translate to on Snapchat?

It is simply a way of saying that the snap streak is about to end.

With no one else reacting, how can you keep an unbroken streak?

No, you can’t

Wrapping Up

If you follow these steps, I am pretty sure you will get your snap streaks back A$AP. The snapchat team is very helpful. And especially their support team, they are pretty quick to respond. So, I hope this article will help you the way you want. 

Important Note* You don’t need to be technically smart enough to follow these steps, just need to follow these steps.

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