Curly hair puts the men in a mess and confusion; which hairstyle will suit them?

Do you have stubborn curly hair? Then, you must be in the same confusion regarding your probable hairstyle.

Although managing curly hair is a bit difficult, there are also remarkable hairstyles for curly hair. Some of those curly hairstyles are 360 waves, 180 waves, 720 waves.

As you’re here that means, you want to give 180 wave hairstyles on your hair. So how to get 180 Waves haircut?

If you have curly hair, then you’re a lucky person; that’s because you’ll need less time and effort to get 180 waves on your hair.

Whereas the straight hair waver needs much time and effort compared to the coarse hair waver. Now, take a look at the article and learn how to get 180 waves fast for beginners.

How to Get 180 Waves with Coarse Hair?

You don’t have to be an expert in developing 180 waves with coarse hair. As mentioned, you’ll get the 180 waves fair quickly in your coarse hair.

So, how to get 180 waves with coarse hair? Hold on! We’ll show you the right technique, including what you’ll need from the beginning to the bottom.

What You’ll need:

  • Anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Good quality conditioner
  • Pomade or hair cream
  • Double-sided boar-bristle Brush/ Medium-hard crown brush/long steel brush

What to do…

Step 1: Resolve Your Hair Fall Problem.

Hair fall is a common and critical problem nowadays. If you’re going through the hair fall problem, resolve the problem at first.

Besides this, make sure you’ve got a dandruff-free scalp and smoother hair. For that, you may prepare your hair before 1-2 months of taking the 180 waves.

If you are experiencing severe hair loss, a glue-on man weave unit can hide your baldness naturally. Ask if your hairstylist provides hair system installation service, or you can contact New Times Hair to help you find a hairstylist or salon in your local.

Step 2: Get the Right Haircut

Before getting the 180 waves, you must have the right haircut. You must be thinking now, which will be the right haircut for 180 waves.

Frankly speaking, any faded haircut is compatible with 180 waves. Just make sure your hair is not so long. That’s because the longer hair is difficult to take into a shape and apply the 180 waves.

So, trim the faded hair before you apply 180 waves on your hair. 

Step 3: Shampooing and Conditioning

Shampooing and conditioning are important before having any hairstyle. To apply the 180 waves, you also need to clean and make your hair dandruff-free.

So, Use the anti-dandruff shampoo to ensure there is no dandruff on your hair. And then, apply the conditioner to make your hair healthy and soft. Needless to say, the conditioner makes the hair healthy, providing proper nutrients and proteins.

Step 4: Application of Pomade or Hair Cream

Absorb the water from your hair as much as possible. Your hair is now not so dry or not so wet. So, apply the pomade or hair cream to your hair.

Your hair is now completely ready to take an important stage of hair waves; that’s hair brushing.

Step 5: Brush Brush and Brush!

Properly brushing the hair is the main secret of getting 180 waves on hair. The secret technique of brushing the hair is to start brushing from the top of your hair.

Brush in a waving pattern. Gradually, you’ll go towards the head. Do the process several times. Use the boar-bristle brush to get an efficient and faster result.

Again, brush in all sections of hair where you want to develop 180 waves. Here let us notify you that most wavers set 180 waves only on their top.

Step 6: Wear a Durag Cap

After completing the brushing session, take a Durag cloth and wear it. Keep the Durag cap at least for 30 minutes on your hair.

Step 7: Moisturize the Hair

When you open the Durag cap after some time, you’ll find your hair dry; particularly, if your hair nature is dry, then it’ll come to its actual texture.

Don’t panic! Buy a good Branded moisturizer and directly apply it to your hair. Maintain the smoothness during the moisturizer application.

How to Train and Maintain Your Waves?

Got your most wanted waves on your hair? Now, this is time to train and maintain your 180 waves. Training and maintaining the waves are so important to get the deeper waves for a long time.

So, how to Train and maintain your waves? Let’s see some simple tips to maintain your beautiful waves with lower efforts.

  • Brush Your Hair Everyday

Do the brushing session every day for 4 to 15 minutes. To see the better result in your waves, brush both in the morning and night.

  • Wear Durag Cap at Night

Sleeping with the Durag cloth is good both for your hair and pillow cover.

You might feel uncomfortable sleeping with the Durag cloth. But this will protect your pillow cover from getting stained. Furthermore, the Durag cap will protect the defined edges of your waves. Consequently, the waves on hair will last for a long time.

  • Get Haircut

Cut your hair every 4 weeks to avoid the over curl. Let your barber know how you want to cut your hair. Make sure your hair doesn’t become too small or large.

Indeed, such a haircut hampers the development of waves or over curls to your hair. Consequently, your hair loses the actual pattern of 180 waves.

  • Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Everyday.

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after each one day. On other days, only rinse your hair with the normal water to clean it.

Remember, you’ll lose your curl too soon if you apply shampoo every day on your hair.


How Long Should Coarse Hair Wavers Brush?

As coarse hair curls faster than other hair types, you’ll get any type of waves quickly. The coarse hair might take four weeks or more to develop 360 waves. But, you must spend at least one hour each day.

Even though you have long, coarse hair, the required time won’t extend.

Is It Hard to Get Waves with Coarse Hair?

Getting the waves might be hard for the straight hair. But, if it is coarse hair, then it won’t be so hard to get waves.

Like other waves, you can easily get 180 waves on your coarse hair with just some simple techniques.

When Should a Coarse Hair Waver Use Hard Brush?

Fall and winter are the perfect time to brush your wave with the hard brush. Regardless of the weather, you can also brush your coarse wave when taking a shower.

Undoubtedly, the hard brush develops quicker waves and also stimulates the scalp. Consequently, you can get developed and healthier hair.

Should I Use Hard or Soft Brush to Get Waves?

If you have short, coarse hair, then a soft brush is preferred for you. But the softer brush cannot grow the waves faster.

You might’ve to use a hard brush to develop the waves quickly on your hair. If you want to use the hard bristle brush, you must have strong hair.

The Sum Up!

How to get 180 waves with coarse hair? Before applying our technique and guidelines, make sure you have healthy hair. If you have weak and brittle hair, the result might be worse for your hair.


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