There are women lookingjovial looks to look younger, on the other hand, we could see others who look quite young for their age and seek to look older perhaps because they consider that they are not taken seriously in work matters or for other reasons, that is why in today’s girls we will teach you what How should you dress to look older?

The first thing you should do is look for clothes that give seriousness, avoid very colorful shoes and accessories, sports outfits, clothes with transparent fabrics and backpacks, otherwise you will add joviality to your outfit, and that is not our purpose.

Second , make sure that the clothes are fitted and close to the body, each garment must be just your size, but BEWARE! fitted clothes are not tight , if your clothes are tight, you will look vulgar and you will have a terrible appearance.

Third , do not wear t-shirts with prints, no t-shirts with the print of Metallica, other rock bands or emojis, if you want to look older, leave them aside. And finally,  Fourth , learn to dress formally, and with that, we do not mean that you wear elegant and long dresses at work, but that you look presentable on an informal day, so you will give the image of being a mature person and the Other people’s perception will be different, they will see you as a professional.

There are other elements that you can use in your favor , you can make a cut with which you look older, a makeup that is not overloaded and that is very neutral, we know that this makes us look older, but we must not abuse it, otherwise we will look vulgar and of course attitude is also very important here, try to be polite but firm, that will do. 

So now you know, if you want to look older, you don’t need to break into your mom’s closet, take advantage of some of your clothes, and improve your attitude, it will be enough.


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